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  1. Colorado Group Buy with Granger

    Granger was the dealer of choice I made on 7/16.
  2. 2021 Bronco MPG?

    Worse case, two lockers and 35's I'd be happy with 18 mpg. I would like to get 400 miles out of a tank, but I'm just not seeing it.
  3. Does anyone want ECO mode

    I would guess the sport mode will be offered on the Raptor/Warthog Bronco giving you the 8 modes with a 3.5... Otherwise why purchase?
  4. Badlands Bronco Thread

    The days of getting out of the vehicle and locking the hubs are gone my friend. Will these electronics break? Almost certainly. That's what extended warranties are for. I'm 62, and I can't wait for Ford to get it perfect. As for the nannies, my cat like reflexes are much like my hair, a distant...
  5. Badlands Bronco Thread

    At this point it's only a guess, and my guess is that a Badlands with the LUX, 2.7 4D Sasquatch is going to be every bit of 60K out the door. With the Xplan. If its less than that I'll happily be wrong. Giddy in fact.
  6. Badlands Bronco Thread

    I think both of you are about 6K low....
  7. Bronco Sasquatch 4-Door Looks Beast Rolling Down Highway

    Don't think its a Badlands. Has fog lights. Can't get them on that trim, sadly.
  8. Plan B

    My plan B is a diesel Rubicon. At 62 I have never owned a Chrysler product, and I hope to keep it that way.
  9. 2.3L vs 2.7L power curves / dyno chart comparisons

    I can't imagine the Sasquatch package will be kind to mpg in any trim. Or door configuration.
  10. SYNC 4 with Telenav will keep navigation & maps working even with no cell service

    Anyone know if you can add or use a ON X Hunt chip to the "maps" of the bronco?
  11. Would anyone want to see a Bronco with no removable parts?

    My last Bronco was in 1988 without removable doors and windows and I survived just fine. I am concerned about squeaks and leaks with this new one. I'm not planning on removing either the doors or roof.
  12. ford nailed the look of bronco. land rover chit the bed with the defender

    A Defender with a Badlands/Squatch set up is going to run mid 80's. I think it's a great daily driver with the occasional off road use. The Bronco depending on the trim is a off roader that can be used as a daily driver for 20K less. Besides, there are Ford dealers in every small town in...
  13. Badlands Bronco Thread

    I want fog lights too. It doesn't look like they are available on the Badlands. Best you can do is a LED lightbar on the bumper.
  14. Badlands Bronco Thread

    I am going to try and option out a Badlands to a FE equal. I expect it will end up costing more than the real deal.
  15. 2021 Bronco Gas Tank Size Is 16.9 and 20.8 Gallons

    I hope your right. I'm in for a BadSquatch and will be dancing in the streets if I pull 20 mpg per tank. Hell, I'd be happy with 18 mpg.
  16. 2021 Bronco Gas Tank Size Is 16.9 and 20.8 Gallons

    With the Squatch package, (front and rear lockers, 35's) I expect mileage to be dismal. I had hoped for a bigger tank.
  17. 2021 Bronco Gas Tank Size Is 16.9 and 20.8 Gallons

    I'm in for a Badlands. I might have to rethink the Squatch. 300 miles a tank with 35's is gonna suck. I was really hoping for a 400 mile range. But I guess there isn't a place to put a 25-30 gallon tank on a Ranger frame.
  18. When I found out this interior was a fakeout, I decided to hold off for a year

    While it's not a deal killer, I compare this to seeing some hot babe's pic on some dating website, and when you see her in person she looks nothing like the picture she advertised as being her true self. So you almost have to think, if she's dishonest here, what else isn't true?That said I'm in...
  19. When I found out this interior was a fakeout, I decided to hold off for a year

    It's obvious that Ford is lurking on some of these forums. Perhaps they will get the hint across multiple boards that not offering this trim is not a good idea.