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  1. Electric HUMMER EV vs. Bronco

    I'm liking the Hummer, not loving the price tag, but it is a different animal from the Bronco. Its worth noting GMC's reservation page/process is almost as bad as Ford' least GMC is letting me get to the final page before smacking me with frustration...
  2. First Edition Bronco Thread

    The more Ford updates I hear about the FE, the more likely I am to go with a Wrangler and update the grille and hood to the aftermarket vintage rhino inspired options
  3. Lightning Blue Announced Exclusively For Bronco First Edition!

    Ugh. I find lightning blue hideous, but generally do not go for the very bright blues and greens. Would love a nice muted green and not the navy pier interior...
  4. Will the aftermarket fill in the "heritage" market if Ford doesn't?

    For @Chrome_Pony If I don't do a Bronco, I'll go new Wrangler with this hood and grill
  5. Bronco Build & Price date

    With all of this...the Hummer reveal on 10/20 is looking more and more interesting...and I don't even like GM...
  6. What aftermarket wheels for 2021+ Bronco do you want?

    I like what spursfan posted on page 1, quote didn't work. I'm thinking of a matte bronze...
  7. Anybody else getting over the initial hype?

    I'm still excited and like (and can afford) the FE. But, I do have my concerns about buying a $60k Ford product. I come from buying lightly used German cars (and then killing their value with all of the mileage I put on them) for the most part, so the initial depreciation hit will take a bit of...
  8. What will you first do after delivery?

    Potentially getting it ceramic coated if I can time it right
  9. Is anyone having trouble deciding between 2-door and 4-door?

    Like the look of 2 dr more, but drive a fair bit on the highway and would like the longer wheelbase of the 4 dr.
  10. Giveaway: Bronco6G Pineapple Pizza Stickers!

    Daily is a 16 A3 but I dont have a pic on my phone at the moment and its sitting dirty in the driveway following the storm.
  11. Ford Update: Bronco Build & Price coming in **SEPTEMBER** with ordering in December

    Glad I have a "fun" vehicle purchase planned for October to keep me occupied and tide me over until the Bronco nears. To be honest, will probably go back to oogling loaded-up diesel wranglers in the meantime and just see how all of this plays out.
  12. What age spectrum do we have here reserving these sweet Broncos ?

    Will be 38 later this year. First Edition because I was able to get in and ultimately wanted everything rolled into one. No kids, yet. Not married, yet. Need something to handle nasty weather and some home improvement runs. And will probably venture back into off reading after the thrill of a...
  13. NJ Dealers

    Winner Ford in Cherry Hill is good. I have my reservation through ACE Ford in ADM
  14. What Color Top do you want

    I'll go white. Looks solid with cactus gray. Though I'm fine with black.
  15. Electric HUMMER EV vs. Bronco

    I'm not a GM guy, but do like the new GMC trucks. Wouldn't be surprised if the Hummer EV is pretty great (unless it looks overly plastic) to be honest...I'm signed up for email updates.
  16. Plan B

    Rivian SUV V8 Wrangler if it comes to pass Tesla Cybertruck Hummer EV
  17. How will your Broncos get used?

    Will probably be my foul weather and winter ride. And given its expected prowess, I'll probably start doing some off-roading again. But mostly it will see rain, snow...and maybe sand.
  18. Dirty Jerzy roll call

    Woodbury...just outside Philadephia Should still be there when the Bronco makes it's way to my driveway. We should all get together and do a drive in movie or something once everyone takes ownership
  19. Some Bronco branded merchandise released by Ford

    I do like that blanket. Without looking I'm guessing it's one of those small ones...3 x 5 or whatever. So not for me at $70
  20. ford nailed the look of bronco. land rover chit the bed with the defender

    I hope to see more Defenders in the wild. I saw a silver one yesterday and it looked like a plastic toy...maybe it was the color...