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  1. Markubis

    Levine: White top not an option. We are listening (UPDATE)

    At least someone is listening....
  2. Markubis

    Your Build: Pre and Post B&P

    Either BB or BD....all depends on if I can get cloth seats on the Black Diamond. I don't want marine vinyl and right now it only shows marine vinyl with BD. I like the wider 17 inch tires on the BD though. I would also consider the 12 inch screen but it's only offered right now with t he high...
  3. Markubis

    The Holiday Bronco Sweater Is Here!

    Its just the lighting.
  4. Markubis

    Build & Price PRE-GAME (warning: contains a poll)

    I voted "Other" I'll believe it when I see it .
  5. Markubis

    The Holiday Bronco Sweater Is Here!

    Ooo look! Area 51 and Antimatter Blue!
  6. Markubis

    Educate me. Pizza cutter vs Sasquach style. Pros and cons.

    Pizza cutters are better on gas mileage also. If that even matters. Me driving 90 miles total for a work commute appreciates that....but I still want something that doesn't look goofy.
  7. Markubis

    What to do with Mustang Club of America stickers?

    I'd like to put mine on my bronco with a Hawaiian pizza slice sticker stuck over it.
  8. Markubis

    Bronco Factory Donut Doors Nixed, But Tube Doors Still Available

    I thought i heard that they would be an accessory.
  9. Markubis

    Is the Bronco wrong for me?

    I have a 90 mile commute (total) but I won't be driving all the time. I was initially looking at the OBX based on features but now leaning towards BB or BD. Reasons being is I like the look of the 17s better plus they are narrow so they will provide better gas mileage.
  10. Markubis

    New here, probably getting kicked out for first post, but I think the first buyers are making a mistake.

    Agree with your points. But the manual is new and untested for longevity.
  11. Markubis

    Ford Email Confirms Bronco Build & Price This Friday, October 23, Shows B&P Preview Image

    Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't the Raptor and Shelby Mustang limited production vehicles? If so, then why is Ford lumping the Bronco in with them while claiming no x plan?
  12. Markubis

    Who actually took off Friday for B&P? I Did...

    I got all weekend. And all next week. And all next month. Plenty of time. Having said that. I will be on my phone, building broncos, during the day. 😋
  13. Markubis

    2021 Bronco NOT Eligible For X-Plan (Official Document Confirmation) [Update: Confirmed by Ford]

    I think..... People that believed in Ford. That believed in the Bronco. That RESERVED a Bronco. That put money down on a vehicle 1 year before getting it..... Should be rewarded with a discount when getting thier Bronco.
  14. Markubis

    Cyber Orange OBX Sighting/Impressions (no pics)

    Oh, look...a white roof. What a great concept.....
  15. Markubis

    Spotted in Wild: Rapid Red Big Bend & Cyber Orange Outer Banks Broncos

    Haha I was originally box then started going bb hutbafteffvseeing both, I like both of them. Looking forward to the build and price!
  16. Markubis

    Cargo/Interior room argument. I saw the Light.

    One time I had to pick up some 4 x 8 sheets of plywood and a new storm door with my ford focus. No roof rack...just the front to back rails along the roof. I mounted my saris bones bike rack and reconfigured the bike arms to be the same height as my roof. Laid a blanket on the roof. Then...
  17. Markubis

    Build and Price Launching Tonight at 12:01

    Did you get her with the sasquatch package?
  18. Markubis

    Hard top varying roof configurations

    Yeah, rear panels attach to roll bars and back roof section. If the back roof seection is off then they only attach to roll bars and will fly off. The front panels attach to the roll bars and the front windshield section where the aux switches are. Those should be fine.
  19. Markubis

    Hard top varying roof configurations

    The Moab videos show them driving with just the panel over the passenger and driver's seat. Shade on sunny days. Also saw them with just the drivers panel off. Typical driving configuration...driver and passenger panels off. The only one I am not sure about is driving with panels over just the...
  20. Markubis

    Bronco Build & Price date

    Bronco is still not showing on the build and price page. The Sport is there but no bronco. I can feel it coming!!!!