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  1. Official: Bronco Build & Price Goes Live Tonight @ 12:01AM EST

    So BN, about that walk through video...still editing?
  2. FILSON Bronco Wildland Fire Rig Concept Revealed!

    If that interior is offered, my build just got significantly more expensive. Here’s a thought...Legend mentioned decals... If that green is available via vinyl I may need to swap to OW... I have to go put my wallet on life support.
  3. Wildtrak Race Red 4 Door Bronco w/ Soft Top Down & Keyless Entry Keypad

    Looks good. I like the body colored door handles and black painted mirrors. Don’t like the steps, so I definitely will not be selected that option...”look Babe, I’m saving money”!
  4. Filson Bronco Teasers (UPDATED With Full Vehicle Preview!)

    That is awesome. Not just the cool Bronco, but also the fund and teaming up with Filson to further awareness and fund raising. Good Job Ford.
  5. Call your shot: B&P surprises

    1. Only MIC Gray top is available (all other tops are late availability) 2. white MOD Top 3. 2 door soft top option 4. B & O Sound available a la carte 5. FE and Wildtrak are not affected by the top late availability (they want some of these rolling around for PR)
  6. Your Build: Pre and Post B&P

    Pre B&P it will be one of these two... Doors and Trim: 2 door Badlands Color: Cyber Orange or Iconic Silver Engine and Transmission: 2.7/10 speed Roof: (soft/MIC/Shadow Black Modular/Body Color Modular/Dual etc.) Shadow Black Modular Sasquatch: (yes/no/optional wheels) No Squatch but yes to...
  7. Filson Bronco Teasers (UPDATED With Full Vehicle Preview!)

    Hoping that the rack and paint color are options. I don’t want the two tone, just the green 2 door Bronco. I’ll take late availability for that old school green. Tonight, I can hope and dream...then tomorrow and Friday Ford will Nut Punch Me back to reality.
  8. Build & Price PRE-GAME (warning: contains a poll)

    I’m not even going to try to tackle the absolute chaos, crashes, and buggy B & P when it goes live. Instead, I will log into B6G catch the pricing scoop from our intrepid fanatics and then watch the... WTF threads that will populate our message board about prices, late availability, not offered...
  9. New from the Big D!

    Ask about X-plan. No don’t do that, I was just kidding. Welcome aboard, what Bronco are you interested in? Option A: The 2 Door Bronco. The best Bronco in the world, able to tackle curbs at Starbucks and Wegmans, Goes Over Any Terrain, and captures the spirit animal of the EB. Option B: The...
  10. Positivity thread!

    No way is that real...the shadows on the a Bronco are not correct. To be positive though, Sasquatch looks legit and I’m a big fan.
  11. Filson Bronco Teasers (UPDATED With Full Vehicle Preview!)

    What’s the point of cool concepts if none of the colors, ideas, etc. make it to the production line? Man, that Green would have been an easy choice.
  12. The Holiday Bronco Sweater Is Here!

    Does it come in Cyber? I would rock that with the heat cranked up and roof off in my 2 door on the way to parties. ”Built Wild, Go Wild!”
  13. Electric HUMMER EV vs. Bronco

    Imagine the size of the fire when that “superb” GM engineering kicks in. Cool Tech and interior, FUGLY exterior design, the body lines do not flow, it looks disjointed. Cool lights when charging. 100K plus for a GMC? Um, yeah... nope, I’ll get a Bronco and a few year old 911.
  14. Filson Bronco Teasers (UPDATED With Full Vehicle Preview!)

    They need to reveal it and show us that green. I think I may put in another reservation so it is a MY22 and then see if zi decide to hold out. AAAAGGGGHHHH
  15. What two words describe the Bronco for you?

    Dream Big
  16. 2021 Bronco NOT Eligible For X-Plan (Official Document Confirmation) [Update: Confirmed by Ford]

    Sorry for your loss. I hope you and your family are hanging in there. I lost my Dad in Feb, so I know it’s tough. I definitely like the pay off quicker idea.
  17. New Negotiation Strategy

    You are such a typical dealership salesman. You’d make no money is a lie, every single vehicle you sell you’d make money on and it would help you reach bonus targets. Unfortunately, the B6G board is filled with enthusiasts who have researched a ton of info, so we are not the typical suckers...
  18. Spotted: Cyber Orange 2 Door Badlands w/ MIC Hardtop

    That color and model (with mod top) is one of my finalists. I’m down to either Cyber School or Iconic Silver and either BL or WT, both as 2 doors. If “the Nation” ever releases the video so I can see WT cloth vs MGV it will probably finalize the model decision. Love seeing the 2 Door BL in CO. I...
  19. Base Model Bronco Thread 🐎

    The Advanced 4X4 is what allows your Bronco to get the 95 94.something) crawl ratio. If you go with the normal 4X4 the crawl ratio will be lower (story don’t know it off the top of my head).