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  1. Tslater1989

    King 😉

    Bkb... info and pics for comparison sake? Pm me.
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    Video: Camouflaged 2 Door Bronco Caught Driving

    Well, think about the size of the ranger, its about the same size as the 97-03 f150s. Which isnt small by any means. So taking that into account. This bronco should be fairly close to the full size bronco of yesteryear.
  3. Tslater1989

    Is anybody else praying their current vehicle lasts long enough for the Bronco to be available?

    Glad you are ok. If it was me, pick up a ford fusion or something along those lines. Put the rest in the bank for your down payment on the bronco. OR if you can find one. A first gen expedition with the 5.4. Can be had for relatively cheap, still have a decent tow capacity if you need it. Then...
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    Ford Will Begin Phased Production and Operations Restart on May 18

    I don't like pineapple pizza. I'm crazy yeah, but not nucking futs. June 23rd, you should get to see it then.
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    I feel the bronco will fill a different void in the same vein as the jeep. Jeep has worked wonders for SFA drivability. But its far from perfect. The bronco with IFS will sway people soley on comfort. The other areas where the bronco should shine, power, towing, shoulder room, and creature...
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    Ford Update: 2021 Bronco Will Have Its World Debut This Spring

    Quick side note. I know for a fact, engineers are loving this time to fine tune things. Less meetings. More time troubleshooting. In fact, just the other night, I saw the new Escalade, in camo, at 10:30pm, 2 hours from GM's development facility. Heading north, further away from there. I asked a...
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    Ford Update: 2021 Bronco Will Have Its World Debut This Spring

    Good until july 31st* the 13 weeks is an extension of UIA benefits for those who may have run out of weeks to claim previously. IE, auto industry suppliers who do 2-3 week shutdowns and temporary layoffs quite regularly.
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    Base Bronco starting MSRP price

    If i can finance 30k. After trade and down payment. So mid to high 40s, with a basic off road package, and decent infotainment. Along with most of the basics PW,PL, Remote start, and heated seats/steering wheel. I'll be happy. From what i know, that should be feasible. Also probably the most...
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    Base Bronco starting MSRP price

    I think you are right for the most part, but ford is probably going to take a gamble and slap money on the hoods of these broncs out of the gate. More on (and off) the road that are seen, the more advertising they get. I plan on holding out for a year to save for a bigger down payment or pay off...
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    Ford Patents “G.O.A.T.” Dynamic Suspension System (Including “Daredevil” Mode) for 2021 Bronco

    Well, talked to my insider, said that people will be shocked at how capable and durable this suspension is in the rocks, especially for a OEM setup. And the aftermarket stuff(from ford) is what the engineers really wanted to put on it, but bean counters put a kibosh on that. There is also going...
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    Base Bronco starting MSRP price

    The info i was given, higher base, lower top tier msrp is the goal. But with the current state of the world, expect all vehicles to go down a small amount.
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    What will your Bronco be towing?

    Also have an adorable 4x7 trailer thats mainly used for hauling brush behind the lawn mower. Sucks to tow with a vehicle because you cant see it.
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    What will your Bronco be towing?

    As long as it can pull 5k comfortably, meaning like a 6k tow rating. I'll be fine, I dont haul a lot. But I am looking at a trailer for the big go karts we have. Karts weigh in around 750lbs each, then the trailer I'm looking at is about 1500lbs. Plus some camping gear, tools, parts etc...
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    2021 Ford F-150 14G Interior

    Im diggin this.
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    Quarantine Reveal 🤷‍♂️

    He does, but the whole time he bashed the new explorer in his review. He said he still wants one. Lol
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    How many doors should the Bronco 6G have?

    6 foot bed works great for me, new trucks with the tailgate down gives you plenty of length for hauling 4x8 sheets of OSB.
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    How many doors should the Bronco 6G have?

    Agreed, its like new trucks. They don't look right in anything other than a crew cab anymore.
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    Let's overanalyze the mule undercarriage

    Quick side note. See how thick that flange is on the diff cover? Thats not punched tin. Thats some thick stamped steel.!
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    The Bronco information drip feed

    I genuinely like that. I think its going to sell really well. This would be a great alternative for people like my mom. She needs a vehicle that easy to get in and out of, AWD in michigan, good mileage, and room to take my kids out when she wants to go shopping. When ford gets these to market...
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    Bronco Launch Apparel First Look

    2XL flatiron jacket please. Thanks.