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  1. The New Bronco Should Take customers from Toyota and GM

    Resale value! That will make a significant difference on how well the Bronco can steal sales away from Jeep Wrangler and Toyota 4Runner.
  2. "Baby Bronco" Teased, Compare to 2020 Bronco

    I'm not interested in a Renegade competing "Baby Bronco" but I think it's a good thing for Bronco hopefuls like us that they're doing it. Since it'll slot in under the Bronco and targeted at those not looking for a real rugged rig, I think that may give Bronco engineers more leeway to make the...
  3. 2020/2021 Ford Bronco Officially Confirmed!! Returns in 2020 as Global, Rugged, Midsize SUV

    Good to finally hear it from Ford's mouth!! 2020 can't arrive soon enough... but still quite a wait ahead. Hope Ford is good at teasing us for 3 years :)
  4. New Ford Bronco needs removable top. Don't doom it like the FJ Cruiser + Xterra

    That solid roof structure might look something like this. Pics are of an old concept model for the next gen Wrangler but clearly shows that FCA was considering a fixed roof with removable roof panels and side windows for upcoming Wrangler. If the Bronco can somehow avoid a solid roof...
  5. New Ford Bronco to compete with Jeep Wrangler?

    Recent news is that the new Wrangler coming next year will have a 300hp turbo 4 cylinder option. My guess is what we'll see an ecoboost Bronco too then.
  6. New Ford Bronco will feature aluminum body?

    I was always under impression that aluminum is harder to fix and repair than traditional steel. Any truth to that?
  7. Return of an icon

    That's right... sock it to Jeep! FCA sold 255,283 Wranglers worldwide (202,792 in US) in 2015! And that's because it has zero 0 zilch competition. At that rate they'll sell almost 1 million more Wranglers before the Bronco comes out, so the Bronco can't come out soon enough!
  8. Ford Ranger / Ford Bronco to get Raptor's turbo V6?

    What do you mean base model? They could have a base engine and also a Ford Bronco Raptor with the monster engine from the F150 Raptor no?
  9. Any chance 6G Bronco BEFORE the Ranger?

    Probably won't be a Ranger concept since it won't be an all-new one? Or will it? Bronco I could totally see a concept car for since it's been out of production for so long and also because they made one a few years back.
  10. Ford Ranger / Ford Bronco to get Raptor's turbo V6?

    Ford is reportedly considering stuffing the Raptor's twin turbo V6 in the Ranger, which might mean that the upcoming Bronco gets it too. I assume the two cars will share engine offerings?
  11. 50th anniversary Bronco Concept

    How about a Bronco Concept world debut at NY Auto Show in April followed by a showing at Carlisle to the Ford faithful in June. Are you reading this Ford? :)
  12. Ford will add 4 all-new SUVs to lineup in next few years... Bronco possible

    That's great news. Seems like Bronco has to be one of them then. And about time we started stealing some Jeep Wrangler sales.
  13. Classic Broncos reach ICON status

    Check out their work, pretty awesome looking machine IMO. Nice engine too! :) Los Angeles-based Icon has made a name for itself doing to SUVs what Restoration Hardware does to furniture -- taking the old, and making it new again. With a Jeep CJ and a Toyota FJ Cruiser currently in the stable...
  14. Classic Broncos reach ICON status

    Article on how classic Broncos have reached icon status. Ford would really miss an opportunity not bringing it back.
  15. Is there a market for a next gen Bronco?

    100% there's a market. They can't make F-150's fast enough and they've crept up in price. Plus the Bronco would serve more SUV duties than F-150.