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  1. Photo: Trailer carrying Broncos in Texas (For Possible Reveal Event?)

    Saw this on FB. Hopefully we see this trailer rolled out as part of the reveal soon.
  2. 2-Door Bronco Previewed to Dealers with Retro Styling, Removable Top and Doors

    The short description of the front end sounds exactly like the renders from this site. Hope it looks just as good if not better, judging by the reaction it sounds like it! They said available late 2020 which matches up perfectly with info from the insider on here. Since Ford is trying to space...
  3. U725 2021 MY Ford Bronco Information

    Well that solves that mystery lol. Sorry I just saw this post.
  4. U725 2021 MY Ford Bronco Information

    Good thinking. Also I know what you mean, they switch between model year and calendar year pretty loosely it seems, maybe just to cause intentional confusion and hedge their bets against a delay. But I read the "in 2020" (emphasis on the "in") to be an undeniable nod to the year 2020, not model...
  5. U725 2021 MY Ford Bronco Information

    I think his source is pretty obvious. Also the link doesn't contradict. It says "Coming in 2020" and OP says Job 1 is in Dec 2020.
  6. New Ford Bronco Won’t Arrive Until 2020, After The Next-Gen F-Series Super Duty

    Do you know when the decision to build the Bronco on the next gen Ranger frame happened? Is the idea to have the Ranger/Bronco always share frame/powertrain etc? Thanks for all your knowledge, it helps make the wait a little easier.
  7. Ford NA President: Bronco Will Be True To Its Roots, "Not Wimpy"

    If they don't do a Bronco Raptor while offering it on the same frame for the next Ranger, that would be such a missed opportunity IMO. Seeing as how there is already a pickup Raptor F150 why not branch out to an untapped market.
  8. How much would you pay for a V8 in the Bronco?

    A LOT. The real question is what does OP know?
  9. BREAKING: 2020-21 Bronco Teased, 2 & 4 Doors / Hybrid Option Confirmed, Plus Baby Bronco

    To me fair it also looks like a Jeep under there. The shape is all you can make out and at least we can see it's not an Everest clone under there. It also has the right proportions it seems. Good start IMO.
  10. 2018 Jeep Wrangler Leak

    Not sure if anyone saw but apparently the 2 liter turbo '18 Wrangler is going to push 368 hp. Pretty impressive if true.
  11. Re: Removable Tops, ya' know, when you think about it....

    Made worse by the curved hood. It will never look right but that's not the point. It's a feature that 0.0001% of the buyers use but respect for Jeep for offering it. Hope Ford knows the value in listening to enthusiasts.
  12. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    Ironically that is part of the reason I've decided to hold out to see what the Bronco 6G is bringing to the table. You see Wranglers EVERYWHERE (a few of my friends own them too) and for better or worse you know what to expect from one. The current body style has been going for 10 years and...
  13. How many doors should the Bronco 6G have?

    I too was in the market for a Wrangler but these Bronco 6G rumors have made that search come to a dead halt. I've been hoping/praying for a Bronco return for years and it feels like it is finally happning. It doesn't matter if it is 2 or 4 door for me. Just that it is sufficiently rugged, can...
  14. New Ford Bronco trademark filed February 26

    Wow only filed last week. These trademarks are usually filed much closer to availability I think? Hoping we start to hear some rumblings on this soon...