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  1. Baja Designs S2 Pro Driving / Combo Light Install on 2021 Bronco

    Nice work! I'm glad to hear that the BD lights are high-quality! I ordered the SAE Amber fog kit for my FE. Did you order fogs from BD as well?
  2. Door Sill Plates by Putco (Black Platinum) For 2021 Bronco 2-Door -– Closeup Pics

    I installed these on our Sport-OBX about three months ago...holding up well so far and look good. I've already ordered a set to install on my FE when it arrives.
  3. First Edition Bronco Thread

    Got the email - 4 door FE - August 23rd...keeping fingers crossed now...
  4. First Edition Bronco Thread

    Wow, I bet that new owner was surprised if he hadn't been getting any email updates.
  5. First Edition Bronco Thread

    I have the only FE order at my small rural dealership (35 converted orders with an allocation of 9 for MY21 and 0 scheduled to date). My order is also #1 time-stamp wise for the dealership. Any thoughts on my chances for the next round of scheduling?
  6. Stay Pumped email from Ford... excitement level 100 to 0

    You may want to double check with them. Everything I've read links the 200k points to having had a MOD top in your order at some point. Also, anyone who had a reservation as of 12/15/2020 gets an additional 20k points when getting the standard 42k delivery points.
  7. Stay Pumped email from Ford... excitement level 100 to 0

    The 200k point reward is if you previously had the MOD top in your build and were forced to change to a MIC top when the MOD was originally pushed to MY21. In last Friday's email they announced that these points were now valid thru MY22 deliveries (since the MOD got pushed again) not just for...
  8. Dealership just I need advice.

    As currently built with dual-tops your order is not clean and therefore not buildable in MY21. Your dealer should have reached out to you weeks ago to remove the dual-top option and replace with either MIC or soft top. Because it is not clean you are likely a 99 at this point anyway so nothing...
  9. Newest 2021 Bronco Accessories Catalog PRICE LIST 💰

    Also getting an OBX and plan on changing out tires to 275/70R18s and will swap out the fender flares with the OEM BL flares. If they don't appear in the catalogue before delivery then will place a parts order at my LFD's parts counter...
  10. Newest 2021 Bronco Accessories Catalog PRICE LIST 💰

    The On-Board storage bags fall under the vehicle option category and aren't considered accessories so wouldn't be in the catalogue (at least not yet, who knows down the road). You should be able to get them through an order at your LFDs parts counter.
  11. Much More 2021 Bronco Accessories Hit Ford's Website

    The door bags used in the video and seen at dealer Bronco events are the onboard storage bags that can be added as an option for $350 when you order. The bags on the accessory website are for off-vehicle storage and can be ordered as a DIO for $470 when you placed with your vehicle order (or for...