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  1. Changed Order to a Soft Top!!!

    Does anyone have intel if the ’hardtop prep kit’ will actually be installed during production, or they are just going to throw that s&*^ in the front seat with the license place frame?
  2. Downtown Indy!!

    I'm super jealous of your FE. But I think it may be time to upgrade your 2005 era digital camera. :P Please post many more pics if / when you have time. It looks beautiful!
  3. Pics: My Non-Sasquatch Bronco Badlands with 35’s vs... Sasquatch Outer Bank - side-by-side look!

    I think most of us are saying the same thing. Your Bronco should be higher because its riding on a bigger tire. But, even if it's not... and it's the same or lower.... it doesn't matter, because your ride looks BAD ASS! Well done my friend.... bravo!
  4. First Edition finally arrives in Colorado!

    Please keep us updated with what they tell you, and what they are going to charge to get it up and running with a brake controller. If it's not a nightmare, I'd be happy to remove the tow package from my build and save the $600 + the break controller install.
  5. Outer banks Bronco at Grieco Ford Fort Lauderdale

    I went to look at a Kia Telluride, and the dealer wanted $10,000 ADM.... for a KIA!!! This is madness.
  6. Ford Reveals New 2022 Color? - [Edit: Just Rapid Red]

    Pretty sure that’s rapid red. Plus that paint chip chart is filled with errors. Note that oxford white appears to be cactus grey color chip and also lists a white tri-coat as an option. I doubt they are going to offer 2 whites on a 22 Bronco
  7. Bronco 4-door soft top - noise & rain review (top-up vs top-down)

    First of all, great to see a real world video... influencer or not. thanks for posting! Next... I wonder if that whistling the 'mirror whistle' we've been hearing about, or different whistling from the soft top. i think i have finally settled on just getting a soft top for now and paying the...
  8. Sound meter measured: 2021 Bronco interior noise decibels @ 50mph and 70mph (soft and hard top)

    I know everyone's highways are different (LA freeways are extra noisy).... but have you thought of reaching out to some known B6G owners that have received MIC tops? @SirBenimen - any chance you can help out? (see the first post and then take a couple of decibel readings)
  9. Bike transport inside Bronco

    Bump. - I would assume you would have to at least take a tire off in order to make it work…. But haven’t measured.
  10. Sneak Peek Chicago Show Bronco Track Built By Vaughn Gittin Jr. [Update: Order Holders Get "Skip The Line" Pass For Test Ride]

    Too bad his phone camera is glitching so much... time to make a genius bar appointment to get that fixed :P #badtransitions
  11. Delivered MIC Hardtop Roof: Close-up Pics of Exterior, Interior Finishes

    If only Webasto was still producing MIC tops in the original horrid light gray color... i could probably have convinced myself to stick with a soft top. :\
  12. Disconcerting video - Broken GOAT mode during off roading?

    Stationary is one thing, and being in neutral is also expected for some... but being in PARK is something else. Again, maybe it should let you choose a drive mode even when in Park.... just not sure that's how they designed it.
  13. Disconcerting video - Broken GOAT mode during off roading?

    Clearly there is something wrong, but when many of his error messages about 'drive mode unavailable' came up, I believe the car was in "Park." Thus - I could see those specific error codes to actually be "working as designed" if he truly was trying trying to select a GOAT mode while in P.
  14. Disconcerting video - Broken GOAT mode during off roading?

    Q: Is the Bronco supposed to allow you to choose GOAT modes while it is in PARK? (Since no one called it out so far, i assume the answer is yes.)
  15. Re-installing the soft top

    Maybe @Ourbroncolife can help. They spent quite a while touring the broncos along the west coast dealer road show and i believe did the demos of door and top operation.
  16. My Cyber Orange Black Diamond 6cyl Auto Build Delivered (w/ Intro Video)

    @evilletruck FYI - Door bags do not come with the Bronco. You have to pay extra for them if you want them (unless you had added them to your order for $350).
  17. Giveaway: Bronco6G Pineapple Pizza Patch and Stickers! 🍍🍕

    I’m thinking valley of fire state park outside of Vegas. This was a shot i went to get back before covid, but there are lots more amazing views to be had there!
  18. Webasto May Open Second Facility to Help Meet Bronco Hard Top Demand

    Ford's video chat with Webasto for each of their updates be like:
  19. Any build emails this week? For Thursday July 8

    There are tons of day 1 reservation holders… both 2 and t doors that have no build date assigned so far. Day 11… unless you switch to a 4 door big bend soft top, check back in 2022.