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  1. Baja Designs S2 Pro Driving / Combo Light Install on 2021 Bronco

    Looks sweet! Congrats! Do you plan on doing a light bar? If so from where?
  2. What are you driving until your Bronco arrives?

    Segway Ninebot, works great! Takes me 13-15 min to get to work which is about 2.5 miles away. In a vehicle it takes 5 min. I am fortunate to live so close to work, but it would be nice not to schedule my trips back n forth around the weather (when it rains).
  3. Test driving 2-door Bronco today!! (Update: Sat in a real Bronco!! Test drive will come a little later)

    Update!! I finally test drove one today! It was a four door Wild Trak, 2.7, Sasquatch of course because it’s standard for the wildtrak. Believe it or not the other dealership (Torres) still contacting me for a test drive there lol!! Anyways enjoy the pics!! I will post again when I finally get...
  4. Good article: The Ford Bronco's Impact on America Can't Be Overstated

    I think this was a video clip of me when they were trying to sell me that bronco sport and lured me in with the “two door” lingo!! Lol! Thanks Torres!!
  5. Good article: The Ford Bronco's Impact on America Can't Be Overstated

    Love one of the old clips. It honestly reminds me a bit of old western, the jetsons, and Austin powers. It’s amazing how the music in the background really dates it, along with the visuals of course!!
  6. Any build emails this week? For Thursday July 8

    Happy to help ;) I’d be happy to sign some hats and stuff ;). My kids got a kick out of it too! My wife laughed a lot that evening. I couldn’t help but laugh as well, it was better than crying in the fetal position ;)
  7. Any build emails this week? For Thursday July 8

    Oh I switched dealers since that screw up. I actually never sat in that sport Lol!! I actually did sit in a real bronco a couple of months ago when they came down to Florida. It’s awesome and I am so glad ordered one!!
  8. Any build emails this week? For Thursday July 8

    I am thinking the same thing here! I have a 2 door nonsasquatch manual Badlands. Reserved it right out of the gate (10:43pm) because the website wouldn’t load lol!! And I converted it into an order Jan 20th, I was thinking (being third in line at my dealership) I would be right at the top, but...
  9. MAP is packed!

    I think I see mine, but I never got my vin #, maybe this is going to be a surprise;) one can hope lol!
  10. The wave

    Funny!! Not sure my wife will go for that (she is deaf). I would say sign the letter B for bronco, easier to do.
  11. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    45 yrs old here, getting a 2 door because that’s the way (in my opinion) it’s supposed to be, and oh yeah, manual too!!
  12. Anyone receive 6/10 email?

    No VIN for me :( waiting isn’t supposed to be too bad, but it sucks because I sold my car last year :( I planned to far out lol!! Atleast my bicycle and Segway is gaining some use!!
  13. My Bronco Off-Roadeo Texas - Pics & Video

    I wish there was one in the southeast :/
  14. Broncos scheduling this week 5/20

    Exactly! I have a YouTube channel with 105 subscribers!! So I am VIP, right???
  15. Traxxas RC Bronco announced. Maybe I can at least get thisto tide me over...

    I got an email about a new RC version of the Ford Bronco. Pretty awesome detail! Only 550, you can drive it in mid may, this might be a good hold over until the real thing!!
  16. The “I didn’t get today’s email” hugging and crying thread

    Agreed! I am a 7/13 reservation as well but for some reason I don’t have an email yet. My dealership said I am in the next batch? Isn’t this the next batch? Still no email. I don’t have a FE, badlands here, you have my sympathy!! Hang in there!! It’ll be a sweet ride!