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  1. Start to Finish Tracking for My Personal Two Door

    I was also issued a VIN in April with an original build week of June 28. Pushed three times - now build day of Aug 26. I hope both of our builds stay on track now! I am actually relieved Ford stopped sending out VINs enmasse given they can’t keep any of the promised builds dates they have...
  2. EXPECT FURTHER DELAYS - More auto semiconductor chip problems

    I think a lot of folks realize now is a good time to stock up.
  3. First Edition delivery with MIC top disappointing

    I think our expectation of a removable hard top should be that it: A). Keeps out rain (min requirement for a “top” / “roof”) B). Is light weight and easily removable (see “removable”) C). Can be easily reinstalled and maintain features A & B Everything else is up for grabs. Hell, Ford even...
  4. What Bronco swag gifts has your dealer sent you?

    Here’s what I have received so far:
  5. Why are stock broncos arriving on lots?

    If they are selling, I agree - total BS.
  6. Merry early xmas

    We know they built good tops in the R&D facility. The design is proven but apparently the Production Facility is having trouble following the recipe. That is why Ford is being as vocal as they are about this being a Webasto issue; and you can bet Webasto is sh*tting their pants because they...
  7. Merry early xmas

    They need to move inventory to keep the line moving. The roof is functional; but shows imperfections. They seem to intend to offer field replacements under warranty, and we get our Bronco sooner rather than later - it’s a win/win in my books.
  8. Received this from The Bronco Team -- Bronco concept art poster and a sticker

    A letter for American buyers only, I must assume. A very nice gesture by FoMoCo. 👏
  9. 37’s fitted on Sasquatch Bronco straight off the transport

    The thread says Toyo; but the tires say “Good Year”
  10. My 2-Door Black Diamond is home!

    Wow! Love the way that Cactus shows different colors and shades at different angles!
  11. Saw a 2-Door - 🥺 - Perfect! 3 photos for ya.

    I don’t think there is a soul in the four door camp that would claim four door looks better; only that it is “more practical”…. IE they can justify the four door for a family vehicle where a two door order would be vetoed by “the boss”.
  12. [Updated 7/20] Early Delivered Bronco MIC Top Developing Honeycomb / Snakeskin Pattern

    you aren’t answering the question: What evidence is there that structure has been compromised?? Textured Plastic is porous. Pores collect wax. Wax build up is visible. All those things are known. What you are ASSUMING is that what you are seeing is “damage”.
  13. [Updated 7/20] Early Delivered Bronco MIC Top Developing Honeycomb / Snakeskin Pattern

    What is compromised? That is an assumption based on?? What we know is that we can see substructure. We also know one is not supposed to wax plastic.
  14. [Updated 7/20] Early Delivered Bronco MIC Top Developing Honeycomb / Snakeskin Pattern

    Textured plastic isn’t made to be waxed. It is porous, and you have wax trapped in the pores highlighting the honeycomb structure under the surface. You haven’t damaged the roof, but you marred the appearance of the roof by waxing it. You will need to consult someone on what product you can...
  15. Any info on Canadian demo broncos arriving at dealerships?

    Carman Ford in Carman Manitoba (worked here when it was Delaquis Ford) has a 4 door Big Bend with MIC top.
  16. How dealership's missing Bronco chip installation program will work 🧰

    I concur. Wife switches from a winter to a summer driver with the season; can’t say I have ever noticed a problem from long term storage. I think the potential for issues is grossly exaggerated.
  17. Engine Block Heater value?

    N No. I live in Canada and have (almost) never used the block heater in my vehicles. Even when it drops down to -35C (-31F), which in winter is not infrequently. Never had a problem starting.
  18. Our Turn! VB WildTrak

    Wow! Gorgeous; almost wish I went VB instead or RR on my two door…. …Almost.
  19. How long will you keep your Bronco?

    I would like to be able to hand it down….. so however long that winds up being. 👍
  20. 2 Door Bronco Outer Banks w/ Retro Decals (and steel fenders and almost every possible roof rack option)

    It is called a chromatic stripe, and it really pairs best with Shadow Black. It looks a little “off” on the Oxford white; but not as bad as it would with a grey or blue or red.