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  1. 37’s fitted on Sasquatch Bronco straight off the transport

    Could use leveling kit for sure!
  2. WA State Check-In

    It’s on your left side banner or I’m watching you, haha!
  3. WA State Check-In

    SE King Good to meet another Paul,lol!
  4. WA State Check-In

    Originally I was told I was #12(I think) Did you get their priority build? Mikala also told me someone with a late reservation had gotten a june build date by ordering soft top. That’s what tipped the scales to completely change my order. I decided to go Basquatch, 2.7 4 door soft top from 2...
  5. WA State Check-In

  6. New update from dealer.

    I think we all know you mean reserved day 3 not “ordered” no
  7. Thoughts on pending market crash?

    Im very concerned. Only been investing big money for about 18 months and doing very well. But feels like any day sh*t is about to hit the fan. Trying to force myself into reducing my portfolios but that is easier said then done.
  8. 4 Wheel Parts 4WP Fender Delete Arrived

    Gravel driveway = no go. Love how they look though
  9. 6/25 Email & FAQ: Modular Hardtops Delayed Until 2023MY | Price Protection Extension | Free Hardtop Prep Kit

    Thank you for your help! Can you help me with this question. When can I expect to get my 21Bronco home? Scheduled build July 19. Shipping to Seattle must take some time. I’m hoping Aug.1 What do you think?
  10. The cost of new cars in the US is up 12% in a year. A little good news if you got your price locked. And of course if Ford actually delivers us Broncos. 22s with price lock look real good. At least it’s something.
  11. SPOTTED: Thousands of Broncos! My trip to the Bronco holding pens (MAP & Canton)

    That’s how you effectively load a corral. Not one needing driver to back up.
  12. SPOTTED: Thousands of Broncos! My trip to the Bronco holding pens (MAP & Canton)

    It bugs me they parked head first to a fence. Every one needs to be backed out. Dumb logistics. Should be in rows. Always moved forward..
  13. I got my Bronco today

    Nice! Open that bitch up and share some pics! Happy Birthday! My dads too!
  14. Base Build

    Yes. Basquatch, 2.7 mod bumper, switches, floor liners, black. Day one res. July 19 build date.
  15. Change order or ride it out on 2.3L?

    I was previewing w/2.3 in my build. Didn’t get a vin. Decided to switch to 2.7, got a vin the very next Thursday. I think the 2.7 is as available as the 2.3 right now. Just my .02. Good luck!