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  1. Delivered: Base 2Dr, 2.7, Auto. MIC top

    I’d like to do this too. But I may decide to run a kill switch to the aux panel. If all it takes is someone to get the door open, you’re probably gonna lose your truck
  2. Two Door Order Updates?

    Seeing posts like this are keeping me from saying, “fuck it, I’m buying a Supra.” literally JUST texting my sales guy (at Toyota). I’m losing patience and running out of time with my trade equity. Been waiting so long now that I’ve stashed a good amount for a down payment. With all the bullshit...
  3. 4WP Fender Deletes + 2” Level Kit + 35s on Bronco Black Diamond.

    I does look cool. But like others have pointed out, it’s going to trash your paint. I highly recommend using a good PPF on the fenders, doors, and rear quarters. Would look better with color matched trim and hardware
  4. Tuning of 2.7L Looks to be Limited

    I have a buddy that works for a performance transmission shop. They are already digging into the 10R60 to see what they can do to make it handle more torque
  5. What other Ford factory seats fit the Bronco?

    No.. That’s not what I said at all. A seat swap would include airbags… Not sure why that’s not making sense to you..
  6. What other Ford factory seats fit the Bronco?

    plug them in and use them? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. What other Ford factory seats fit the Bronco?

    Shared chassis’s
  8. What other Ford factory seats fit the Bronco?

    I’m looking to see what other seats would fit in the Bronco. I’m sure there are other fords with the same footprint. I would love to squeeze a set of Raptor seats in there.
  9. Pic request - head on shot of the steering wheel

    I’m talking to a company that does aftermarket leather steering wheel wraps. I want to get them to do one for my base. can someone take a head on shot of the steering wheel pease? I want to send it to them so they can get started on making one for us. thanks
  10. Front license plate bracket?

    Same. One of the overlords decided to move my thread, and change the wording as well. I don’t mind it being moved to a better place. But editing my title to your words, is a little much.
  11. Mirror whistle issue

    Love blue pits
  12. Mirror whistle issue

    Because replacing it with another one that does the same thing is a waste of time
  13. Mirror whistle issue

    Thanks. thats tough. Can’t imagine losing more than 1. The whistle should be fixed by filling that seam with some RTV. It that seems is where it’s coming from.
  14. Gots me some Sasquatch Fender Flares ...

    I’m going to trade my sas flaers for some carbon gray badlands flares. If I ever get a bronco
  15. Ford has new painted MOD top supplier for Bronco after Webasto loses contract

    Thanks. That explains why I never saw that option. I’m a poor
  16. Ford has new painted MOD top supplier for Bronco after Webasto loses contract

    Was the painted top offered in the base? I don’t remember seeing it.
  17. Installing keypad entry after sale?

    Cool idea. It would be close. May require a little trimming. You could also mount one in the spare tire mount or swing gate.
  18. MIC Top -Day 2 comments & pics

    I don’t doubt warranty will cover it. But I don’t like the idea of driving around with a brand new damaged bronco. Hoping the sooner it’s found, the sooner it gets fixed. And if it turns out to be a lemon I’d like to start documenting ASAP. I can see one of these leaking issues leading to a...
  19. The Jeep owners are mad

    Haha. Both of those Jeep’s looks like eBay flavored dog shit.