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  1. Seat Position and Visibility Disappointment

    If this was truly a Big Bend then it only had the 8" screen, as High Package isn't available on anything below an OBX.
  2. The Jeep owners are mad

    Unfortunately with some of the ADMs we've seen and with some folks not giving a damn it could happen... :sick:
  3. The Jeep owners are mad

    What a tool bag. Can we page the Lite Brite folks to come dunk on these morons?
  4. 37’s fitted on Sasquatch Bronco straight off the transport

    A bit too beefy for my taste, but nice that the option is there for those who so desire!
  5. Ice_GopherFC

    Georgia Bronco

    @kencantrell I'm definitely not adverse to traveling. I wish Granger was closer but that's a really long drive back, Memphis is definitely much more doable! I appreciate the info. My big thing right now is finding a four door with a 2.7 in either Badlands or Black Diamond so I can get a look...
  6. Ice_GopherFC

    Georgia Bronco

    Hey y'all, I'm in the Augusta area, have only been stationed here for a bit over two years but plan to retire here. Fairway Ford of Evans and Gerald Jones don't seem to be the greatest of dealerships as the closest to me here, I had traveled up to Athens Ford for their presentation day back in...
  7. 2.7L Bronco MBRP exhaust sound clip

    The first one wasn't terrible, you're never going to get a V8 sound. The big thing with helping a V6 really shine sound wise is to ensure you have a clear intake and exhaust path all the way through. I high flow intake, and especially shorty headers to help accentuate each piston firing would...
  8. Bronco spotting at my local dealership.

    Not a Single. Black. Diamond. CRIMINAL -_-
  9. Possible green color?

    The chosen one... (hopefully!)
  10. Video: Bronco lights and black painted mod top at night (Sasquatch 2-Door)

    Oh it's happening. With no special radars being in those taillights like on the Ranger they'll be MUCH cheaper to swap out. BD with signature tails FTW!
  11. 2 Broncos spotted in Lincoln, RI this morning. Size comparison to F-150 Raptor

    BD white "BRONCO" grill and the modular bumper.
  12. Off Rodeo looks disappointing

    Lord my Sailors bitch less than some of y'all... :rolleyes:
  13. Base bronco grill picture

    Signature headlights be damned, standard is where it's at!
  14. Lego Bronco R on the way

    Ugh, too many fackin' stickers....
  15. 4-door Area 51 Wildtrak + 2-Door Cyber Orange Badlands Bronco Sighting

    I wish the dealers in my area (Augusta, GA) could get a dang A51 Sport in stock so I could go see the color in person... Thanks for the pics, looking great!
  16. Cactus Gray Bronco Big Bend Video by DP Racing

    Confirms that the signature headlights are way overdone.
  17. Analysis: swap headlights and tail lights from Base to Signature, possible process?

    Signature headlights are overrated anyways