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  1. Spotted at Kendall Ford Marysville

    Awesome! Of course I'm out of town. Still haven't seen one in person yet.
  2. Proper Tire Inflation for Aftermarket Tires

    Almost everyone runs too much air pressure.
  3. 2.7L Bronco MBRP exhaust sound clip

    So "sounds like ass" is an upgrade now?
  4. Western Washington Deliveries

    Yeah, I don't see a 4dr making that gate keeper. Even a 2dr might have a problem. I was up there recently in the EB and was able to sneak around easy enough.
  5. Let's say I'm in no hurry...

    I think it's a pretty safe bet, you'll never see a manual with the V6. I'm a pretty die hard manual tranny guy and owning a 3.5L EB, I really don't think you can shift a manual fast enough. I can also say the auto transmissions are really smart. They've come a long way. I'm looking forward to...
  6. Western Washington Deliveries

    Dang, your build specs really moved you up. Walker Valley is an ORV park just east of Big Lake in Skagit county. The trails aren't too crazy. You can bypass most of the hard stuff. I'm not going to be in a big hurry to get the trail stripes in the paint though. We don't have a lot of options...
  7. Western Washington Deliveries

    Ouch! I think I gave you my slot. I transferred away from Skagit. What is your build? Want to go break her in at Walker Valley on the first day?
  8. Western Washington Deliveries

    How about a little gentlemans agreement. You stay south of Everett till mid September, in return I'll pretend you don't exist. Congrats on being one of the first!
  9. Western Washington Deliveries

    Has anyone in Western Washington received their Bronco yet? Just curious when we might start seeing them out there.
  10. July 1 Email Group!

    I was off-grid last week And received my VIN on 7/1 with a 8/23 build date.
  11. Washington VINs Build dates or deliveries

    Got my VIN 7/1 while I was off-grid last week. 8/23 build date. Still haven't seen one in person yet. It's going to be painful if I see one on my turf before I get mine!
  12. Thoughts on the modular top roof delay?

    Some of my thoughts 1. On a somewhat positive note, we're extremely lucky to be getting a vehicle with a removable top. I think if Ford were given a do over, they'd axe the removable top and doors in a heartbeat and the Bronco would just be another SUV. 2. I still think it's entirely possible...
  13. Washington VINs Build dates or deliveries

    Nothing here. Day 1 res. I was really looking forward to being one of the first. My excitement is long gone. Now it just feels like life insurance. Can't get it until I'm dead.
  14. Washington State: What dealer are you using?

    That guy had no sense of urgency, at order time didn't know squat, and didn't give me much confidence at all. I transferred to Bickford and it was a night and day difference in communication. I'm still VINless though, so there is that :(
  15. Help me make sense of this please..

    Regional allocations would make sense to me for shipping logistics. Sucks being in the PNW for this. We can't even get any dealer mannequins.
  16. First Edition hard top

    I better get my MIC top before any 1st editions. Y'all are cutting in our line! :p
  17. Any timestamp transfer folks get a VIN?

    okay, so there's hope. Thanks for the confirmation.
  18. Any timestamp transfer folks get a VIN?

    Curious if any us that had to create a new reservation and have our timestamps transfered have received a VIN? I'm an early day 1 reservation that had my reservation canceled after a dealer transfer. I had do the new res timestamp transfer fix. No VIN yet :cry: