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  1. Commandeered an abandoned order out West

    greedy af... enjoy.
  2. Video of startup error message w/ doors off

    You can edit your first post and add the info. Thanks for the updates on this glitch. : )
  3. Merry early xmas

    Id rather they ship it with an imperfect roof than Not Ship It. Congrats and don't stress about the roof marking, they will take care of it later.
  4. Who's a 7/19 build?

    My 7/19 SYNC is populated this morning. :) Looks like they are chugging along at MAP.
  5. Florida man reviews (harshly) outer banks 4 door

    The interior is hideous. That is one thing ford messed up was the colors and lack of options for interiors. Luckily Katskinz will fix that with a leather seat swap.
  6. Demos in your area (post them up)

    Any in SoCal ?? Still haven't seen one in person, maybe just wait and be surprised. : )
  7. Water leaking from A-pillar airbag cover in heavy rain

    This stuff happens on any new vehicle. Enjoy the Bronco. Take it to the dealer, they will fix it. : )
  8. Who's a 7/19 build?

    I'm a 7/19 7535
  9. Who's a 7/19 build?

    I know we 7/19s are trying to get precise dates... But can I just say... Our Broncos Are Being Built Next Week !!!!!!! Eff Yahh !!!!
  10. Base Model Bronco Thread

    Checked just now, and no new wheel options. EDIT: I stand corrected, there is a Rim set at the very bottom under accessories. It's an expensive rim and not great looking tho. : (
  11. Base Model Bronco Thread

    It all depends on what you want out of it of course. : ) If you don't want the advanced "4x4" options, than a non-sas base makes a fine beach cruiser at 35,340 + Rims and 33' Tires approx 2000 = 37,340 (add a level lift for 500 more 37,840) My example was talking about 4dr AT with "Full Off...
  12. Base Model Bronco Thread

    Base with SAS and Aux Switches = the Best Buy with Full Capabilities. (2.7 & MIC if you want) The SAS isn't about the tires or even the shocks, Its the best way to get the better 4A transfer case which includes the heavy duty front diff, front and rear lockers, Trail Cont/One pedal. You can't...
  13. Painting Squatch flares

    Wait for aftermarket.... it won't take that long.
  14. MT with Mid package.

    Why search the forums, when someone will do it for you, just to prove a point that its easy.
  15. Decided to add the tow package, here are the part change details

    The tow pkg has a just slightly stiffer spring to better handle the control and sway while towing. It may be very slight, but without tow pkg, it will have a better off road performance.
  16. Confused - Ranger platform

    They have different jigs and tools and setups on the diff lines.
  17. Confused - Ranger platform

    Have you ever built two diff things in your garage before... same.
  18. Base Model Bronco Thread

    I like that the base doesn't have tint on the second row doors. Think about driving, top off and windows up, the diff tint between front and back looks unbalanced and distracts the eye from the profile lines. I am going to get the mic windows tinted, and leave the doors matching un tinted.
  19. Front axle swap on Black Diamond?

    Only ironic if you wrote the song, but you shouldn't out your sources.