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  1. Vegas!

    I already made a res for Nov 4th. I didn't want to do this in the heat.
  2. Vegas!

    I didn't doubt you, I was just curious about the pricing on the sticker.
  3. Vegas!

    Did you happen to get a close up of the sticker?
  4. Vegas!

    If it's the 2.7 w/aux switches, that is what I ordered.
  5. Front license plate bracket?

    As a Nevadan, same.
  6. Las Vegas Raiders Bronco Badlands being auctioned at Barrett Jackson

    As a Vegas resident, Fuck the Raiders.
  7. Vegas!

    So, I'm not one to put stickers on a car normally. But I was kind of kicking around some of ideas of what I might be willing to put on my back window. What do you guys think of this? I based it off the state flag obviously. The banner normally has the state moto 'Battle Born'. I decided it...
  8. Vegas!

    They were trying to get permits for the old Boy Scout camp located here.,-115.5050245,1404m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x80c8afbe44a78f8f:0x4c3a3f6efcdd4837!8m2!3d35.9658154!4d-115.5011129
  9. Vegas!

    It was just an email directing you here to setup an account. Off-Rodeo's aren't open yet.
  10. Vegas!

    What time were you there? I got there about 10:10.
  11. Insight Into Potential Bronco Off Roadeo Las Vegas Location

    Mount Potosi is about a 30 minute drive from my house. This is awesome. 😁
  12. Vegas!

    I ordered a Base. No one is going to give anything like to a Base order.
  13. Vegas!

    Probably Edit: I just notice that if you go to the link for Team, it has an event date for May 8. It looks like all the times are reserved though.
  14. Vegas!

    If Team does one too, I'll probably sign up for both.
  15. Vegas!

    Yeah, I checked there first. I didn't check any of the other dealers though. Gaudin is actually the closest to me.
  16. Vegas!

    Hey guys, There is a Bronco preview at Gaudin on May 11. Register here...
  17. 📷 2021 4-Door Outer Banks Bronco hanging out with 1995 Bronco

    I had a '96 5.8L and I averaged 11 mpg.