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  1. Anyone in Florida have a VIN and Build date yet???

    I’m in Orlando I have an 8-10-21 build day for my A51 FE. I’m hoping to see it sometime in September.
  2. Anybody seen their Window Sticker today for the build week of 8/2?

    Sounds right. I received a build week of 8-9. Dealer told me it is showing 8-10 now in his system.
  3. tmbonnett

    Central Florida Broncos

    Congratulations. What Color did you go with?
  4. tmbonnett

    Central Florida Broncos

    I have a build week of 8-9-21 and VIN. I feel lucky to have that much.
  5. tmbonnett

    Central Florida Broncos

    Mullinax Ford in Apopka received there demo bronco yesterday afternoon
  6. tmbonnett

    Central Florida Broncos

    Bronco Nation will be at the 4WP in Orlando today from 4-7 pm.
  7. tmbonnett

    Bronco Club Orlando
  8. Shipped Email!

    Congratulations. Keep the Florida Broncos coming.
  9. “Your Bronco Has Been Built” Status Thread! 🤩

    Did you originally order the MIC top or did you change from a MOD?
  10. VIN Build week poll - for those with & without

    Nothing yet. First Edition It would interesting to see how may of each trim have a build date.
  11. tmbonnett

    Central Florida Broncos

    No email yet for my day 1 FE.
  12. Official 2021 BRONCO SCHEDULING UPDATE + June Production Demand vs Capacity [Commodity / Constraints] Chart

    I missed that. I was so disappointed about the black painted Mod top that I missed that. Time to change my order again.
  13. Official 2021 BRONCO SCHEDULING UPDATE + June Production Demand vs Capacity [Commodity / Constraints] Chart

    It would appear that the dual tops on my FE is the culprit in not getting pulled yet. Any insight on when these will be pulled as neither MIC nor soft tops alone appear to be an issue.
  14. How Standard Fenders Look Installed on a Sasquatch Bronco

    What about a trail sight delete. I'm sure these will be a thing soon.
  15. tmbonnett

    Central Florida Broncos

    What Broncos did they have in this event. I'm going this afternoon at 6:00 pm
  16. tmbonnett

    Central Florida Broncos

    @Diydner Which Broncos do they have at this event?