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  1. Panda Motorworks Bronco is Coming Home!

    Dude, your virtually in my backyard. Unfortunately I probably won't see my Bronco until next year.
  2. Giveaway: Bronco6G Pineapple Pizza Patch and Stickers! 🍍🍕

    Get down into some of the lowlands along the Mississippi and Cuivre island
  3. Front license plate bracket?

    Already ordered this:
  4. Right wheel drive bronco ??

    They don't, the video got flipped when it was uploaded
  5. Bronco Pickup Hinted by Sighting of Ford Testing a Jeep Gladiator?

    I don't get it. I drove by my local jeep dealer, and all they had on the lot was gladiators and renegades. If jeep can't even sell the gladiator in this market, why would Ford want to get into that segment? And it's ugly
  6. Sasquatch Crash Bars Delete

    This really is a non issue. The crash bars are only applicable in an overlap head on collision at a very specific angle and speed. With modern cars, it's easy to forget how incredibly safe they are compared to vehicles 20-30 years ago. Even the vehicles with the lowest crash/safety ratings are...
  7. Rear Spare Tire Protection

    UV will rot the rubber. You either want to make sure you do a five tire rotation often, or get a spare cover
  8. Wild Broncos surround and dwarf a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon! (4-Door Broncos vs 4-Door Wrangler Rubicon)

    I'm imagining the meeting at FCA: "Ok boys, what can we do to make the jeep more modern?" "How about led's on the fenders?" "What about neon paint colors?" "Halos rings on the headlights!" "So we're in agreement! Nothing substantial, just more lipstick on the pig. Good!"
  9. Official MPG figures: 2021 Bronco 2.3L and 2.7L fuel economy

    On a nearly 60k build? No.... I thought in some strange universe the 4 with a single turbo would be more than 1 mpg better than the twin V6. I know I'm not buying a civic or a Prius. But if Ford knew these numbers to begin with, I feel like I got a bait and switch
  10. Official MPG figures: 2021 Bronco 2.3L and 2.7L fuel economy

    As someone who ordered a squatched 2.3, what is the point? Why did I choose this engine if it's only 1 mpg better than the V6? Why even offer the 2.3 with the squatch package? I'm really curious. I feel like I'm sitting in the corner with a dunce hat with my choice
  11. Intercoolers

    The intercooler is directly behind the radar pad in the center hole of the front bumper
  12. Are we all this neurotic ?

    I could say something about social media becoming a magnet for the most invested, then creating a feed back chamber for both hype and outrage, but.... Yeah, I'm still here....
  13. Big A$$ Fender Flares and Yellow daytime run lights

    Honestly, who would want those? I guess there's a market, otherwise why build them?
  14. MAP Rumored to Add a Third Production Shift in Q4

    Actually, thinking this through, this might give us an idea that Ford thinks the Webasto issue will be cleared up by Q4. Or not, as predicting anything about this situation is a fool's game
  15. MAP Rumored to Add a Third Production Shift in Q4

    Can Ford and the UAW agree to send some guys over to Webasto? Just a thought...
  16. How many people are going to see this to the end?

    All in, I shouldn't have any problems getting the Focus to last that long. The transmission has been replaced twice, so it should be good....right?
  17. Anybody else feel like maybe doing something corny?

    Going to paint my beauty rings gold and add gold dice valve stem caps, and some gold pin striping. Maybe some og bronco script emblems painted gold as well