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  1. Request to Ford: offer 2 door soft top

    That is reservations not orders. According to what was released in a conferance. There were about 125,000 converted reservations before the 2021 cut off dates: ~34,000 2 doors 27% ~91,000 4 doors 63% seems like they are building at a ratio 22% 2 door to -68% 4 door
  2. Have a name / nickname for your Bronco?

    Mine will be the Bro Bus. 2 door cyber
  3. Two door head tops delayed?

    That isn't far off from what there numbers they released in a conference. Its about 27% of all converted orders are 2 doors.
  4. "Soft Top Cloth w/ Prep Kit" Option Spotted in Ordering System as Possible Hard Top Prewire (For Retrofit Install)

    My guess is. If you order a soft top hoping for an earlier delivery and ordering the hardt top down the line, you'll have to wait for all the hard top constraints to go away before you'll be able to order a hard top. Which also makes me wonder, if your hard top was damaged due to some kind of...

    Updated my order once: Cyber Orange Manual BD with the only change being advance 4x4. Otherwise roof rails and floor mats are the only other options I chose.
  6. What's the issue with Webasto exactly? (ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS)

    My guess is quality control issues are still happening.
  7. 5/28 Bronco Production Update E-mail & Dealer Insight FAQ 📬

    The official order tally of the March deadline was around 125,000.
  8. Some data on the popular colors

    Hahaha 50 shades of grey. They all look pretty good though. I ordered a short bus
  9. Good News Bronco is not on the list

    well the ranger isn't on there.
  10. 2 Door Soft Top

    I am really not sure why 2 doors weren't offered soft tops as part of the build. Anyways, I am hoping that the hardtop restraint is only limited to the 4 doors.... :devilish: because the email sad encourage customers to choose the soft top option for quicker delivery. Well 2 doors don't get that...
  11. 2022 Order Bank Date?

    No, they are waiting on semiconductors I believe. Also the 2.7L isn't on the commodity list anymore as of right now. I think it is just the hardtop and tow hitch
  12. 2022 Order Bank Date?

    The 2.7L is probably prioritized to F-150s first.
  13. For those that have purchased a "temp" vehicle?

    I bought a 94 Acura Legend for a temp vehicle while I try and sell my 14’ GX460. I still have a Miata NB and E55 swapped wagon. Waiting patiently with my 2/24 reservation date.... lol
  14. Metro Atlanta

    Yea they don't seem to have answers to anything, or they do not want to give out any false information. I though about other dealers, but they are right down the street and was the only dealership in the area that would take my late 2/24 reservation. They put my order in and did not code it 99
  15. Metro Atlanta

    Yea me too, I told them to take it off but they wouldn't so I told them not to install it whenever they get it. I am still fine with them since its local.
  16. Metro Atlanta

    Brake like pulse. Where the third brake light flashes and then goes solid when braking.
  17. Metro Atlanta

    I went with Billy Howell in Cumming. Wanted a deposit and $700 add-on for a brake light thingy. (That was my only gripe) I should be seeing those two broncos this weekend at Billy Howell this saturday.
  18. Email from Ford - How to increase chances of getting your Bronco sooner

    Are the back hard tops the same for both the 4 door and 2 door?