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  1. Dealer laughed in my face

    Standard dealer bullcrap. The dealer that stole my reservation and converted it to an order without my permission played that game with me. First they pretended like they didn't know what happened, I called them out on it and they said it was an accident and asked what it would take to keep my...
  2. Holding Out For Green

    If it's close to this green, this might be the only time I feel regret if I don't get a Bronco...especially with bronze wheels...
  3. Holding Out For Green

    Well it better go away for you, Ford said it won't be a green they've ever used before.
  4. So Ford is basically obliterating dealer allocations, right?

    They gave us the bare freaking minimum chance to modify - and that's only if you're a 4 door and didn't already code 99. They gave us info and people made decisions at that time and now regret it based on the new info that came out - and I suspect Ford knew all along they were going to have an...
  5. First Off-Rodeo impressions by Bronco6g members

    Perfect, thank you! Still worth doing then.
  6. First Off-Rodeo impressions by Bronco6g members

    Can anyone comment their opinion on the following question: Does this teach you how to off road or does it only teach you how to do so in a Bronco? Essentially, is this still worth doing if someone has no idea how to wheel but wants to learn but might not wind up with a Bronco - do the skills...
  7. [Update: NO RECALLS] Dealer says 2021 Bronco has first recall and being sent back -- tire / wheel issue?

    Then either you're not paying attention, which I know isn't the case, or you've been here before and had reasonable expectations.
  8. 2021 Bronco Reviews Embargo Has Lifted! [Compilation Thread] 🚨

    David Tracy at Jalopnik is the only reviewer I trust. Been following him for YEARS and he's a former Jeep engineer.
  9. A place for the rest of us to complain

    I've got you beat - Chiefs fan here, through and through and in order to see a Bronco I had to go to Mile High and walk around that evil place just to sit in and see the new Broncos! And of course all the goodies I got are Bronco branded - both Ford and Denver! Safe to say I won't be keeping...
  10. Spied: Bronco Overland Sasquatch Prototype Caught Testing Winch, Snorkel and Roof Accessories

    No, intake snorkel. Exhausts don't need a snorkel due to backpressure.
  11. A place for the rest of us to complain

    We've known that reservation numbers have meant nothing for a long time now.
  12. I cancelled my reservation master thread

    That's a good question. And I'll answer it with a question myself - to what end? To keep both cars? I can't (won't) afford that and don't have the space. To resell it? Sounds like Ford is no longer prioritizing reserved builds so there goes any chance at exclusivity and profit - anyone...
  13. I cancelled my reservation master thread

    That's fine, I'll spend $200 on the experience. It'll still be about the cheapest way to learn how to off road and have fun in Moab. Especially with the recent price drop on bringing a guest and the additional $250 off on top of that. Thank you for clarifying that BTW. It helps for anyone...
  14. I cancelled my reservation master thread

    With today's email, I'm done. I was on the fence after sitting in a new Bronco a couple of weeks ago and looking at the $$$ to value ratio and I walked away with a very hard time justifying a $60k Bronco vs building up a loaded Tacoma. Yes I know it's not the same car but the Taco will do 85%...
  15. Communication for Unscheduled Orders Coming Today @ 4PM Eastern

    Hello, We're happy to report that Broncos are officially rolling off the production line. Here. We. Go. But the ongoing challenges with our hardtop roof supplier continue to impact our plans. We now have to produce more soft tops than planned and we won't be able to solely produce customer...
  16. 2.7l and 10 speed reliabilty, turbos shot at 40k

    Viscosity is viscosity. It's a measurement against spec and doesn't differ between brands. Now some brands hold up better against heat and wear due to additive packages but it sounds to me like you're talking out your butt.
  17. Ford refused to give me a new build date

    Someone else on the forum (not gonna try and find it) called into Ford for the same thing. Got a Bronco agent that said they couldn't tell them anything. They called back in and a different person gave them more info. Stay off the jumping to conclusions mat, even if you might be close to...
  18. Will You Be Able to "Forgive and Forget"?

    The people who say they won't care/will forget it all when they have their Bronco sound like drug addicts after a hit or people in co-dependent relationships that just can't walk away....