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  1. 16-Aug-21 Build Date Gone.

    My dealership told me roughly the same thing unprompted, sent me an email just last week. So maybe he isn't yanking your chain.
  2. BC Broncos - who's reserved from BC & what package? Any info on estimated delivery, pls share

    I am up in Prince George with a build date of 8/16, my dealership emailed me with new info saying for the first time on his sheet it shows an estimated arrival date of end of September. Maybe be two months away but is what it is, as long as that number doesn't grow largers.
  3. 8/16 Build Group

    Same build as most that have posted in here. Granted I am in Canada do my access to information is different. But my my build havnt been pushed back since the MAP shutdown so fingers crossed. Also my dealer emailed me saying for the first time it actually showed an estimated delivery date of end...
  4. Bronco Production Update From MAP - July 19th 🏭

    Appreciated as always with the updates.
  5. Which is the greatest PR disaster from Ford?

    Didn't even learn till this poll that the BYOD bar was vaporwave, the more you know haha. I think lack of communication trumps all others imo.
  6. Reservation vs Order Date impact

    I resered 7/14 and didn't order till 3/17. Built specs below. So I don't think order date has anything to do with it, rather just reservation date and what sins you have.
  7. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    27 and getting a 4 door, looking at pictures sometimes i like the 2 door more, sometimes the 4 door more. But overall I usually like the look of the 4 door as well as it is significantly more practical when it does come to ease of access and storage capabilities.
  8. VIN Build week poll - for those with & without

    I felt like I kept seeing a whole bunch of people say 7/26 like me and thought something fishy was going on. The results of this poll are actually really helpful and in making me realize I just seeing things. Info in sig.
  9. Dealership say Can't Change Order (Canada)

    I changed the colour once before as well. I fail to see how that matters at all though. I appreciate that. Hard thing to be upset over indeed. Finding out like this is less than ideal though. Is what it is.
  10. Dealership say Can't Change Order (Canada)

    It is a few keystrokes. I am spending 75 grand. I am going to 'attempt to'* get nothing short of exactly what I want. I personally do not think that is anything short of reasonable when you are a reasonable, polite customer as well. *edited
  11. Dealership say Can't Change Order (Canada)

    I was on Carbonized Grey for literally the longest time, but after placing the order decided I wanted to change to A51. Evidently, i want to change back to CG :P No matter what i'll be happy but my SO likes CG more, so I want to keep her happy as well. With it just being something as simple as...
  12. Dealership say Can't Change Order (Canada)

    As i kinda figured. Turns out I have a VIN assigned and he had no idea. He didn't say anything about having a build week. A special request was put in by his GM to change the colour, but I won't recieve an answer for 2 weeks which just kinda seems like a way to get rid of me lol. So...
  13. Dealership say Can't Change Order (Canada)

    I emailed them again today asking to move the request up the food chain as there is no reason they shouldn't be able to do it. If they still tell me no then I honestly don't know what I am going to have to do.
  14. Dealership say Can't Change Order (Canada)

    I do not have a VIN or build date. Last change I made was a colour change a month ago. Had remorse and went to change it back and have been in contact with my dealership since Friday and they are telling me that, " Sorry it’s official - Ford has locked out all changes on ordered Broncos as they...