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  1. What are you driving until your Bronco arrives?

    Nice area, I still have some friends out that way. I was down closer toward the shore near Ocean City
  2. What are you driving until your Bronco arrives?

    Hey I am not opposed when the time comes lol! What part of South Jersey are you from? I grew up there and still have most my family in the area. I am liking the collection of cars you have going on there. Especially the 71 FJ! You wont regret it man. I bought mine when I first reserved the...
  3. What are you driving until your Bronco arrives?

    2007 FJ Cruiser with 101k. It’s gonna be hard to get rid of when the time comes.
  4. Bronco Production Update From MAP - July 19th 🏭

    Do you know if they will favor producing more 2 door MIC tops in the capacity that they do have since that is our only option or are 2 door builds simply getting pushed back until the issues can be resolved? Also we are so lucky to have you as a forum member! Thanks for everything you do and...
  5. Greetings from Diode Dynamics! What Are Your Lighting Plans?

    Some form of amber grille lights would be cool to see!
  6. Lets Talk ARB Air Compressors

    Thanks for the info! I just took the modular bumper off my build as I really want to order their front bumper and rock rails instead.
  7. Lets Talk ARB Air Compressors

    Any idea when the ARB parts might go on sale?
  8. Independence Weekend Moab trip

    This looks awesome! Would be great to get a Bronco club drive out there sometime.
  9. Ttp2017

    Carolina Broncos

    Congrats! I have been waiting patiently for ARB to release their line of parts
  10. Ttp2017

    Carolina Broncos

    Welcome to the waiting club! Moving to Columbia SC shortly myself
  11. 17 combined Fuel Economy?

    Daily driver and only vehicle in our household for now. Gas prices in South Carolina are about $2.60 so if it stays right about there I will be happy.
  12. RTR Wheels For 2021 Bronco Now Available

    Honestly not as expensive as I thought they were going to be. I had prepared my self for $300+ after they were shown on the king of hammers Broncos
  13. Ttp2017

    Carolina Broncos

    @Wookiee I forgot that regions was also part of the allocation formula. I know no one at my dealership has yet to be issued a vin. I hope they start marking up for lost time in the southeast.
  14. Ttp2017

    Carolina Broncos

    @Tarheel_Wes you would be surprised. I am a lunch time 7/14 reservation and I am #42 out of #45 allocations they had. All depends on the dealer though
  15. Ttp2017

    Carolina Broncos

    @Wookiee The few big things that I know of will be the heritage editions, white tops, different wheels, and two new colors. (Evergreen & Yellowstone)
  16. Ttp2017

    Carolina Broncos

    Definitely not cancelling but I am considering just pushing my order to a MY22 at this point that way I will have the additional options and colors.
  17. 📸 🏆 Memorial Day Giveaway & Sale - Share your best road trip photos of America

    This one of my favorite road trip photos as it marks then end of our 6 month adventure that spans from the mountains of North Carolina to the deserts of Utah and Arizona. It was a once in a lifetime adventure and this photo was taken on our way home in the middle of nowhere Arizona. At this...
  18. What are everyones thoughts/plans on first mods?

    ARB bumper and rock rails, Ford performance muffler, hood cowl graphic, and window tint.
  19. For those that have purchased a "temp" vehicle?

    I had this same dilemma back in February as my Audi SQ5 was getting higher milage and I did not want to wait another year to hit the trails. Traded my Audi into Carvana for a great price and bought a low milage FJ Cruiser for 14K and if my math is right I will be able to drive it for a year and...
  20. Ttp2017

    Carolina Broncos

    Welcome to the club! I am hoping to put together a drive or two in the Fall when a decent amount of us take deliveries of our Broncos.