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  1. Who's a 7/19 build?

    So it looks like @caligaucho, @duanetheroncjohnson and I are lowest rotation builds for 7/19 still waiting on Build emails. I don’t recall your builds (and hope you aren’t caught in the MIC top issue) but I have soft top so no idea why the delay. I can only assume they are waiting to fill a...
  2. Who's a 7/19 build?

    Finally some positive movement for me as my rig showed on Ford page for the first time. And Flip was kind enough to verify that the truck has been built but not yet released - but no reason why.
  3. Who's a 7/19 build?

    There you go!!! Congrats
  4. Who's a 7/19 build?

    Flip - would you please check on mine. Its a 4dr softtop OBX without tow so no idea why i have nothing. The suspense is killing me. VIN 1FMEE5BP4MLA77629 Thank you
  5. Who's a 7/19 build?

    Ugh. Was really hoping to wake up today to some movement but still In Production purgatory. 7/19 blend - received a Happy Birthday confirm but still no build email and no changes to Sticker since 7/17. Frustrating!!
  6. Who's a 7/19 build?

    I cannot make any sense of these things. My Sticker date hasn't changed from 7/17 since the weekend so who knows what to make of it?
  7. Who's a 7/19 build?

    Ugh. I have neither enough beer in the fridge nor tums on the counter for this!!😂😂
  8. Who's a 7/19 build?

    That cannot be the only thing. I have a 4Dr softtop and have received nothing to verify the build.
  9. Who's a 7/19 build?

    @Permaxyz - by chance do you know of any internal word about why it seems some builds are not advancing in the emails/tracker? You graciously confirmed a Happy Birthday for me last night and my build is pretty clean - 4Dr OBX with softtop, no tow or any other component that seems to be a hold...
  10. Who's a 7/19 build?

    Congrats and hopefully your wait will not be too long. I seem to be stuck “In Production” and was not that far behind you in rotation. @Permaxyz confirmed last night that somewhere at MAP sits a built Bronco with my name on it but have not received a Built email and my tracker hasn’t moved...
  11. Who's a 7/19 build?

    Thank you - the wait to know has been driving me nuts.
  12. Who's a 7/19 build?

    Not sure how you are checking things but if you would for mine please: VIN.1FMEE5BP4MLA77629 #7523 7/19 Blend date Thank you
  13. Who's a 7/19 build?

    Similar thing here. I had a date in the Sync box now i get an error - 7/19 blend date 7523. Been pulling my hair out and hitting refresh all damn day waiting for the build notice.
  14. Who's a 7/19 build?

    I am in the same boat. Eveything else points to my truck being built Tuesday but Sticker has not updated and no email.
  15. Sunrider top question for Jeep owners

    On the Jeeps - Switching the hard panels into place after removing the soft sunrider is fairly simple. Its a matter of squaring the panels than putting the clips in place. Putting the sunrider back on takes a little longer because you have to be careful lining up the parts that secure the...
  16. Who's a 7/19 build?

    Congrats for you - but Ugh - according to the chart your rotation number is after me and no build email yet (but my data loaded and Sync has yesterday’s date). And I have a 4Dr OBX with a soft top.
  17. Who's a 7/19 build?

    Getting closer to my rotation number!!
  18. Who's a 7/19 build?

    Thanks - and by the way Congrats on the build.
  19. Who's a 7/19 build?

    When did your tracker update? I am shortly behind you but mine has not - perhaps later today…
  20. Who's a 7/19 build?

    So as of this morning my Sync Updates shows todays date and the Module Build Data site populated with data. Guess that means my Bronco got built? I was #7523. Window sticker hasn't updated yet though. Still shows 7/17 along the bottom but will keep checking today.