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  1. A First Oil Change Experience on 2021 Bronco – Using OEM Oil Filter

    I use dental pick atleast on forklifts I work on. And working pressure for those on those hydrualic system is between 2400-3000psi. Those are my .02 cents. The ones I use are inexpensive and can be purchased at nearly any Walmart or harbor freight. I use one like the one on far left to spoon in...
  2. A First Oil Change Experience on 2021 Bronco – Using OEM Oil Filter

    Quick tip on orings. Which should be same for these as o rings on hydrualic systems on forklifts. Anytime go to change a o ring good 10 seconds with blow dryer just to get it warm makes the world of difference.
  3. Bronco Sasquatch suspension parts (shocks & springs) price quoted at $1300 from dealer parts department

    I was under the impression the the bilestein shocks were also a form of live valve themselves just to a lesser degree, but if that wouldn't be the case the only difference between 2017 f150 raptor and 2019 f150 live valve raptor are that the live valve. Both use a 2.5 coilover so still an...
  4. Bronco Sasquatch suspension parts (shocks & springs) price quoted at $1300 from dealer parts department

    Big question I want to see and hopefully there are more leaks is. Has it been confirmed yet if the bronco raptor is using the f150 raptor live valve fox shocks. If so you can get them cheap new take offs. You'd need two front sets. It also depends on top hat height too.
  5. Bronco dealer order manipulation

    Yea pretty much what was done to my whole build.
  6. Bronco dealer order manipulation

    He did say he's had several people calling him daily, so I know it's not just me.
  7. Bronco dealer order manipulation

    He showed me an email he had sent out to his rep back in early March which his rep had said he would be able to ammend changes later which wasn't the case. Honestly idk pretty bummed but I guess everything happens for a reason. Idk
  8. Bronco dealer order manipulation

    Thank you and thank you to everyone else who came together to get me some information and help me out.
  9. Bronco dealer order manipulation

    I had a build sheet similar to that online printout what the dealer gave me. Yes I'm rejecting my order and was told I'm getting it at msrp and no destination fees plus all other initial incentives ford originally said. First time I've had any issues with this dealership why it was so...
  10. Bronco dealer order manipulation

    From what he told me I pretty much won't have my exact build until model year 2023 because even his 2022 model year orders are having issues.
  11. Bronco dealer order manipulation

    I hope I wasn't being trolled. I walked in to dealer hot. He literally handed his customer off to someone else. I'm just repeating what was said to me. Like I said the 1800 number said they could've made changes up until vin was sent he showed me that it wasn't possible it kept popping up with...
  12. Bronco dealer order manipulation

    Yup about 15 and they were priority builds too. He showed me even their dealer order for their showroom model had changes made by ford not them.
  13. Bronco dealer order manipulation

    Idk his representative sent him several emails that of which he showed me the representative wanted several orders to have unauthorized changes due to availability of certain items.
  14. Bronco dealer order manipulation

    So going and speaking with the ford bronco specialist I walked away in a better mood but highly disappointed in ford. He didn't know I was even walking in and he took me right into office he literally on a sticky board had my order hanging with all changes needed to be made. He also showed me...
  15. Bronco dealer order manipulation

    I'm heading to dealer yall wish me luck. Lol
  16. Bronco dealer order manipulation

    I've never looked at soft tops. I think it's nice but to own it definitely not something I'd consider even with a discount. But selling it might be what I do just as a big fu to then for screwing me
  17. Bronco dealer order manipulation

    That might be it. Hopefully it's the correct paperwork. From what I remember it was pretty much how you build it online thats how it was printed
  18. Bronco dealer order manipulation

    I believe so because I went into the actual dealer and sat down with them configure it and he gave me a print out of like 6 or 7 pages
  19. Bronco dealer order manipulation

    I'm pretty aware of how capable the bronco would be just based off capable my t7 is on just 34s and a level kit. Why I was so eager for the sasquatch with the correct gearing for the 35s. I'm going to pay them a visit when I get out of work and give em a last chance before I cc them on a email...
  20. Bronco dealer order manipulation

    Yea from day one when I got email that ford had received my build and order info was wrong they kept giving me run around