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  1. Changed Order to a Soft Top!!!

    In my case the vehicle is replacing a 16 year old Xterra with 220k miles. I would rather live with a soft top for two years than purchase a used vehicle at inflated prices and then resell at deflated prices. In 2023 I'll get a hard top if I think I want one. I am an October reservation, so if my...
  2. Bronco Production Update From MAP - July 19th 🏭

    Yes, and with a composite part, you want as little epoxy or other resin as possible or you are adding useless weight. However, too little and you don't get enough wet out, and that usually shows up at the edges.
  3. Traction control vs lockers

    @Ford Motor Company can you chime in whether the brakes will still mimic a limited slip with traction control off?
  4. Traction control vs lockers

    I looked this up in the manual but it is not really clear. Typically, shutting off traction control still allows the brakes to simulate a limited slip but it does not reduce power to eliminate wheelspin. At least that is the way on my '05 Xterra off-road and I believe Toyotas.
  5. Granger Ford - Courtesy Delivery Answers

    Nope, we’re going to come out and visit y’all when the Bronco comes in. Not a bad drive from the Milwaukee area.
  6. Bronco Sasquatch suspension parts (shocks & springs) price quoted at $1300 from dealer parts department

    I find the notes at the end key. Springs do not vary by suspension type.
  7. Bronco Sasquatch suspension parts (shocks & springs) price quoted at $1300 from dealer parts department

    I may go that route but with the standard, non-sas Badlands shocks, or may just go with aftermarket. I am not looking for much, if any, lift. You may be able to reuse your springs. IIRC the springs are tied to doors, engine and trim, not to the shocks.
  8. Window accessory clip cover fell off??

    Yes, in the glove box in case you take your rack off.
  9. [Updated 7/20] Early Delivered Bronco MIC Top Developing Honeycomb / Snakeskin Pattern

    Your tapping is actually part of the pre-flight on a composite airplane. Hollow sound=no flying.
  10. US parts content sticker....

    Stickers say U.S.
  11. Condensation / Moisture in Rear Under Floor Storage Area

    A heat source would make the problem better because moisture will generally move from hot to cold.
  12. Condensation / Moisture in Rear Under Floor Storage Area

    If you're weather has been super humid and hot during the day but clear and cooler at night: That compartment gets filled with humid air during the day. At night, with no top, the cover can radiate to the night sky, dropping the temperature of the lid below ambient and below the dew point. That...
  13. Goat Modes

    With a manual transmission, the only things on that list that cannot be manually changed are the ABS calibration, throttle response, and traction control calibrations.
  14. Goat Modes

    There is a button to turn traction control off.
  15. Goat Modes

    I won’t. I don’t care that they exist, just see no value.
  16. Disconcerting video - Broken GOAT mode during off roading?

    Damn, you have me beat. Oldest is an ‘82 Yamaha XT250, newest is an ‘88 BMW R100GS.
  17. Is 4A worth it?

    I ordered the advanced 4wd as I am in Wisconsin and if the border opens up will be traveling to Manitoba frequently. That being said, I seldom use the part time 4wd of my Xterra on the street in the winter. I do have dedicated winter tires. If I lived somewhere with a milder winter, and didn’t...
  18. Goat Modes

    I think one dial is for GOAT, one for transfer case settings, but the former controls the latter unless the latter overrides? I just find the GOAT modes asinine in an MT truck.
  19. Goat Modes

    Disclaimer: I have a 7MT on order Am I the only person that thinks the GOAT dial is stupid? Is it really that hard to figure out 2wd, 4a, 4wd, 4l, front locker, etc.? I know it adjusts shift points as well but with the MT I’ll have complete control of that.