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  1. Good POV Impressions Video on the Bronco Manual 7MT and Crawler Gear

    Finally! A thorough driving impression in a manual! Only makes me more excited for mine.
  2. May 27 Email Group!

    Reserved 7/14/20, ordered 2/25/21, and my build week is 7/26/21! 4dr Badlands, 2.3 manual, standard package. Only options are MIC top and door storage bags. Curious if anyone else who ordered through Koons Ford Falls Church got an email today (or earlier). Communication from the dealer has...
  3. Pics & thoughts of Antimatter Blue Bronco Black Diamond Sasquatch @ Koon's Falls Church Virginia

    I was also at Koons yesterday. I’ve got a manual Badlands on order, so I focused on that one. Seating position and shifter felt good. One of the Bronco reps there yesterday told me the manual is super fun to drive and that it’s not held back by the 2.3L though the 2.7L would be great with a...
  4. Black Diamond Sasquatch! My Comments & Pics From Think Ford First Events @ Randy Wise Ford

    Thanks for the close-ups of the MGV seats. Been wondering about them in my BL order as well. Only downside I see is that the back of the second row seats is still carpet, but oh well. I'll manage.
  5. đź“Š Submitted Bronco Orders Tracking List & Stats

    Placed my order yesterday. Oxford White 4dr Badlands, 2.3l, Manual, Standard Package, and MIC Top.