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  1. Bronco 2.3L versus Wrangler 3.6L then faces up against a Ram

    I might care about this if I were five years old or consumed 4 Loko.
  2. 7/13 Blend Folks

  3. 7/13 Blend Folks

    Yeah, for some reason I couldn't find your thread on it. Congrats. So puzzling that mine with 7/13 blend, 7/14 build, 7/16 ship hasn't reached north Mississippi yet.
  4. 7/13 Blend Folks

    I also am very curious what Jack Cooper's routes are. Someone posted their new Bronco was delivered two days ago (or more?) in Knoxville, TN. I'm only 405 miles South of Knoxville.
  5. My 2-Door Black Diamond is home!

    Could be the best-looking, most perfect 2-door I've seen posted here.
  6. 7/13 Blend Folks

    I think maybe I'm not smart enough for this; I am not sure what my "car initials" are on the window sticker apparently, and I don't understand the Little Orphan Annie code above. Time to just stop trying to monitor the process, I guess, and wait for it to show up when it shows up. Sold my truck...
  7. 7/13 Blend Folks

    Thanks. I tried that with that number. They also asked for the car's "initials," so I said "NB." No car was found, but I could be using the wrong info.
  8. 7/13 Blend Folks

    REALLY hoping it somehow arrives today.
  9. 7/13 Blend Folks

    Is it one of the numbers or codes here?
  10. 7/13 Blend Folks

    The VIN shows up on the Jack Cooper tracker but has been “pending.” Maybe they are a relay from rail. How do I check rail?
  11. 7/13 Blend Folks

    Mine shipped on 7/16 (convoy) and is still “In Transit.” Wonder why it hasn’t arrived yet.
  12. Map of Jack Cooper Routes?

  13. 7/13 Blend Folks

    Anyone know where I can see a map of Jack Cooper distribution routes?
  14. 7/13 Blend Folks

    My sticker date changed to 7/20 also. Status still showing “In Transit.”
  15. Anyone sold a car to Vroom?

    CarMax gave me only $700 less than the vroom offer, and I just made an appointment at CarMax and it took about a half hour.
  16. What are you driving until your Bronco arrives?

    Sold my car Friday. On a trip with buddies currently in a rented minivan. Upon return will share car with wife as practicable (it’s not) but more likely drive elderly mom’s car if needed. Hoping only a short time until he arrives.
  17. Still confused: “Shipped” estimated days vs. “Delivery” estimate

    At the time of the original post, that paragraph had not been added under the shipped notice.
  18. 7/13 Blend Folks

    Mine also shipped Friday with ETA “between August 12, 2021 and August 18, 2021” in north Mississippi. Dealer said ETA 8/2. My optimism and anecdotal evidence from deliveries seen here tell me more like this week. 😎
  19. How long will you keep your Bronco?

    Maybe I’ll focus on getting one first.