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  1. Why do I think the Bronco 2.7 is "de-tuned" in the Bronco?

    Well the explorer ST has the 3.0 ecoboost not the 2.7. Also has 70 more HP and the whole point of the ST is to be a street oriented performance trim. So everything about the Explorer ST from the engine, programing, shift logic, suspension is geared towards on street driving performance. It's...
  2. Bronco Production Update From MAP - July 19th 🏭

    It wouldn't be the first time Ford knew of a design flaw and pushed it through (DCT trans in Focus/fiesta cough cough)
  3. Base Bronco on 33" KO2 tires & 17" Method 701 wheels

    I know some of you guys around love steelies, but ditching those really boosted the look of the base model by about 1000. Looks killer
  4. Delivered: Lightning Blue First Edition Bronco from Serramonte Ford

    I have always loved lightning blue
  5. Is 4A worth it?

    One of the reasons I wanted OBX was to get 4A. After much consideration I dropped down to BB. Realized I am most likely not really going to hit any off road locations where it would be necessary and despite getting a decent amount of snow here, I can flip the dial from 2H to 4H and back
  6. Merry early xmas

    Congrats! Those wheels look 1000X better than the steelies
  7. Just test drove a 2 Door WT ... Eh! Some disappointing discoveries.

    Another thing to remember is newer cars are going to feel slower especially compared to older cars. Like your example of the mustang, same for me. I had an 04 GT, 4.10s, exhaust, CAI, tuned, under drive pullies. It felt so much faster than my 07 Mustang GT 07 was over a half second...
  8. Changing features & options to accelerate delivery

    Yes that is accurate information. You should have received emails from Ford stating whats going on with the hard tops.
  9. When will Ford reveal the 2022MY Changes? New Colors / Trims?

    Part of the soft top look is by design. I assume you are talking about the wavy looking windows. That is by design so the back part can be pushed upwards when loading stuff in the back. I was originally hard top all the way because of living in the midwest but after a few former jeep people...
  10. When will Ford reveal the 2022MY Changes? New Colors / Trims?

    Like I said a few posts back, my original post was a little dramatic.
  11. When will Ford reveal the 2022MY Changes? New Colors / Trims?

    Maybe the way I put it was a little dramatic, but yes they are kind of asking people to switch to soft tops. They provided a window for people to switch to soft top and get a hard top prep kit for free. I made the switch last week to soft top. Seeing some of the issues with the hard top...
  12. When will Ford reveal the 2022MY Changes? New Colors / Trims?

    They way they are still seemingly begging people to switch to soft tops, i would guess either as late as possible or that 22 will be essentially a total carry over year
  13. Most Likely Build to Jump the Line?

    Fellow grangetober reservation holder here. Just made the switch to soft top and removed code 99. Waiting to see if I get picked for September scheduling. Big bend 2.3 10A, soft top mid pack
  14. Most Likely Build to Jump the Line?

    I agree with that. I don't feel like I made sacrifices when I made my switch. Just all the extra time really made me think what is important on my build. Will I regret going soft top, possibly but I just dont know if I have faith in the hard tops being right.
  15. Just test drove a 2 Door WT ... Eh! Some disappointing discoveries.

    I cant tell you what you feel or don't feel lol. If you feel like it ants you in the seat great. When I test drove the 3 the 2.5 was just fine but it didn't do much for me so I went up to the 6 with the turbo Sport mode does make a hell of a difference tho
  16. Just test drove a 2 Door WT ... Eh! Some disappointing discoveries.

    I'm not one to really question people's butt dynamics but as a fellow mazda owner I wouldn't say the the na 2.5 in the mazda puts anyone in the seat. Hell I have the turbo 2.5 in my 6 and while it scoots it plenty well it doesn't put you in the seat either.
  17. Conventional Wisdom — Bronco Engines Are Detuned for Break-in — True or False?

    The S197 GT500 had a break in as well. It wouldn't make any boost till x amount of miles
  18. Sound meter measured: 2021 Bronco interior noise decibels @ 50mph and 70mph (soft and hard top)

    So sas big bend soft top only a few decibels louder than a F150 platinum, seems like a win in my book
  19. Why I changed my order from OB to Badlands! Thanks for Opening my eyes!!

    I actually switches my order to big bend. Like you not a serious off roader, it has pretty much everything my obx build had and comes in more budget friendly