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  1. Just test drove a 2 Door WT ... Eh! Some disappointing discoveries.

    If you have ordered a Bronco, now is a good time to cancel. Dreaming of a girl you want to have sex with, as an illustration for your Bronco expectations?
  2. Delivered to Alberta

    More Pics Please! Congratulations.
  3. First Edition finally arrives in Colorado!

    Beautifully written, a novela for Bronco and a man in love. Great description of what it feels like in the first person, to experience the reward of a long and anticipated wait. I hope we all have such an experience... eventually! Enjoy your new Bronco, and keep us updated in your journey.
  4. Behind The Scenes Tour of Bronco Production at MAP Factory

    Facts About Ford's Bronco Plant: The Michigan assembly plant where Ford builds the new Bronco, has been there for almost 70 years, built in 1952. "Mack Thompson", or McKinley Thompson, was the first African-American automobile designer in Detroit. He came to work for Ford from out of their...
  5. Jeep is in trouble

    What is "every each?" Just kidding, I know what you mean. I am glad there are other people on this forum with brain damage.
  6. The MIC top is going to shine

    A reasonable man! Too much made about nothing.
  7. Ground clearance / ride height

    I think that the concern over the step height for the Sasquatch is coming from people who have not owned a lifted 4X4 in the past. It is not that high. Even my 5'.0" wife said it's no big deal to step into the Squatch. The primary benefit of the 2-Door Squatch is the short wheel base, which...
  8. So how tall does a Sasquatched 4 door Bronco measure anyway? (Please do not quote the spec sheet, can a current owner put a tape to it and see please?

    Both my 75 F-250 Lifted 4X4, and 96 F-350 Lifted Crew Cab 4X4, were taller than the 21 Bronco Sasquatch. Even so, all that matters is that it fits in my garage, the other two, there was no possibility.
  9. California BadLand Arrived

    Thanks for the details. Some Broncos are coming in faster than others, no one really knows why. There is no real formula for the timeline. I know from the past, that the Factory is the real determiner for when a vehicle gets built. It all comes down to many factors that none of us have any...
  10. 2 Door BaseSquatch Delivered. Timeline, Q & A, Notes From First 100 miles

    Thank you for the detailed post. I appreciate the information about the height of the Sasquatch 2-door. This was a concern of mine, whether it would fit in my garage. Also, the build dates from order was very helpful, and the details for what the dealer did once the Bronco arrived, was awesome...
  11. Your Best Guess On My Build Date

    Anyone who tells you when your Bronco will be built, is not telling the truth. No one can possibly know this. It's best to just wait the process out and determine to hang in there and occupy you mind with other things until the build date is revealed to you.
  12. Refusing “Mandatory” dealer add-ons?

    I refused to order from my local dealer because he insisted on adding $1,500 in items I did not want. I ordered from a dealer far from me, and I did not have this problem. We do not have to take the unfair treatment of bullies in buying a Bronco. There are still good men and women in the world...
  13. Dealership Refusing to provide signed order sheet

    It is true that any promise that is true, will be put in writing. It is deliberate that the dealer will not make a commitment in writing to the terms he promised you. The dealer I ordered from, I did not think would do what he promised. I was very wrong. He sent me documents that verified in...
  14. California BadLand Arrived

    Congratulations on getting a beautiful Bronco! How long was your total wait time from order to deliver? Planning any Road Trips?
  15. 📊 Submitted Bronco Orders Tracking List & Stats

    When your reservation is moved to an actual order, you will get an email from Ford confirming this. No email, is suspicious. My account with Ford also states I now have an order. See the attachment:
  16. Back to Back Bronco Badlands spare tires -- 33" vs 35" height difference visual

    Does anyone know what the upgrade/exchange price might be (aftermarket) from a 35 to a 37? If so, what tire dealers are carrying or can get a 37? UPDATE: I did a little research and the 37's are about $100 more than the 35's, aftermarket. I don't know what tire dealers would actually charge...
  17. 2.3 Auto Sasquatch Club

    I ordered the 2.3, Base Model, 2-Door, Sasquatch, Roof Rack, Antimatter Blue. After 40 years of serious off-road experience, this is the perfect equipment combination for any environment. The Sasquatch Package takes a Base Model and turns it into an off-road Beast. Nothing else is necessary...
  18. FIRST BIG Trip I am taking once I got my Bronco... How about you?

    When my new Bronco finally arrives, I am flying in to pick it up at the dealer, then taking a 4-5,000 mile road trip across the U.S. for a month. If you are also planning a road trip with your new Bronco, it would be interesting to know what and where your plans include.
  19. California Delivery! 2021 Bronco Base Model -- Pics, Timeline, Fun/Helpful Info

    Thanks for the post and pics. Congratulations and hope you really enjoy your new Bronco. It was worth the wait, right?
  20. Toyota publishes "All you need to know" 4Runner vs Bronco comparison video

    These are two completely different vehicles. The Toyota is just another general-use SUV; the Bronco is a real off-road beast. For me, the two are not comparable. To each his own...