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  1. **EDIT** 4 Broncos Sold, to the public, 1 Base Left!

    You and the rest of us 7/13 reservation folk.
  2. Seattle area ford dealers

    I’m about 50ft from it and in my vehicle. They are 35’s.
  3. Seattle area ford dealers

    BOOM It’s a Wildtrak! The dealership was West Hills Ford in Bremerton Btw, a 4dr Wrangler used to be here, no kidding…
  4. Seattle area ford dealers

    Just saw a race red 4dr hard top with at least 33’s in a yard in Southworth, WA. This person either took delivery or it’s a manager that brought their mannequin home.
  5. Any Bronco sightings, viewings, Dealer Displays coming up in Washington?

    Not sure if this person is on here but, I just saw a race red 4dr hard top with at least 33’s parked at a home in Southworth,WA Of course I didn’t have my phone :(
  6. Good POV Impressions Video on the Bronco Manual 7MT and Crawler Gear

    Cool review. Sounds like piped in engine noise.
  7. Production update: As shutdown weeks loom, MAP hits its stride. Early 2 door reservation holders should hear something soon

    I was told they are not building according to timestamp and that it could be built all the way into December. The hold ups are 2drs and black leather interior.
  8. 0-60 mph test for 2.3L Bronco with 7-speed manual by TFL

    It would've been faster if the kids dad wasn't in it!
  9. Carvana Questions

    Just sold my leased Tacoma to Carvana last Thursday for more than I paid for it with 25K miles. The only pictures required were my driver's license and the odometer. They met me at a spot a 100 miles from their nearest office, signed a few documents and that was it. They deposited the money in...
  10. trade in values exploding

    Carvana was the deal for me. Money was in the bank the same day!
  11. trade in values exploding

    They'll drive a 100miles from a contracted pick up service
  12. trade in values exploding

    Selling my 18' Tacoma Off Road to Carvana today! They're buying for more than I paid for it with 24K.
  13. Day 1 Reservation Holder Poll - Did you receive a build date?

    No Email 7/13 FE Reservation Was told that having a FE on order doesn't mean I would get it first:unsure:
  14. May Delivery Date Giveaway

    20 MAY 2021 The double nickel for me.
  15. Top Delays Matrix helps decipher impact to customer, dealer action, and offer to customer

    This is probably one way Ford does not fulfill the 7K FE production number. Who really thinks 7000 people ordered an FE?
  16. đź“· 2.7L Bronco Engine Bay Photos

    Come on Ford, get rid of the prop rod!
  17. Transfer B4 3/19 = 3% under invoice @ Chapman Ford of Horsham

    Transferred my reservation over to Chapman Ford of Horsham. Thank you Tom!
  18. First pics of rear cup holders and armrest - in 4 door leather WildTrak

    Nice interior but, that light dashboard is going to reflect off the windshield.
  19. More Delays? - What Date will Ordering Really Begin?

    How can they say there will be an update for build & price in March and expect people to put in their orders from 1/19/21? WTF? Get it together Ford, you’re better than this!