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  1. Bronco Sasquatch suspension parts (shocks & springs) price quoted at $1300 from dealer parts department

    I am considering buying the shocks at some point to upgrade my BD. I'm not sure if the springs would be required as part of the upgrade?
  2. Arrival of First Edition 4-Door and Wildtrak 2-Door Mannequin @ Granger

    Do you anticipate enough demand for test drives that I should call ahead and make an appointment for a Saturday? I'm definitely going to get over for a drive soon. Thank you
  3. Warn Bronco Elite front Bumpers!

    lol @ zirconium nanotechnology. It's not bad, just funny to see a manufacturing improvement as a marketing advantage.
  4. Official EPA MPG Mileage for 2021 Bronco posted on

    It also appears the gear ratios play a large part. I don't believe the weight difference between black diamond and badlands is as much as base to black diamond to solely explain the mpg difference.
  5. Anyone taught their wife to drive a Manual Trans?

    Would it be easier to learn how to drive a manual using low range? I've only ever drive 2wd manuals.
  6. Official MPG figures: 2021 Bronco 2.3L and 2.7L fuel economy

    Looks like they missed 2.7 non squatch Black diamond, I'm surprised bash plates make that much difference
  7. Locking fuel door

    My dad had a locking gas cap on his '78 van. He did that so he would stop forgetting he set the cap on the gas pump and driving off without it. The key was on the same ring as the ignition and he left it in the lock while fueling.
  8. Some pictures from super cel east

    Sorry, I didn't sit in the 4 door. There always seemed to be someone else in them. And I'm getting a 2 door😜
  9. Some pictures from super cel east

    I took some pictures at super cel east Saturday morning in the rain but didn't have good enough wifi to share them with you all until getting home today. I'm sure others like them have been posted before, apologies for duplication. My first question was how well would I fit as I am a full...
  10. Bronco v. Bronco sport

    My only issue is that "Sport" is a trim level on other vehicles. If they had gone with a totally different name it would be less confusing, scout, maverick, little baby brother etc...
  11. Black Diamond options that they advertised.. What will we actually get?

    Semi-related question: is the trail camera part of the 360 camera system and therefore not on the black diamond?
  12. Who's going to Bronco Celebration EAST 2021 in Townsend, TN from April 21-24

    I plan to make it for the weekend. My wife may be under the impression that we are just visiting smokey mountain national park 😜
  13. Black Diamond with Steel Wheels, Who ordered/Is going to order

    I plan to keep and possibly use them for a set of snow tires if I find aftermarket wheels I like better.
  14. Custom colors by painting

    Those both look amazing. I think I just found the right look.
  15. Custom colors by painting

    I can see it taking $8-10k to paint a whole car, but just four fenders and two doors? And you only have to mask the door? And they can be sanded and painted on a rack rather than attached to the truck? I had not considered wrapping. I will definitely look into that. If it is a low enough...
  16. Custom colors by painting

    I really want a green bronco and also want a MY21, just because I want the first year and my current car will be done in about a year. With the replaceable body panels, would it be easier to change the color in the future than a more conventional vehicle? I'm thinking about getting iconic...
  17. Manual vs. 2.7 Auto .. What to do.. Pros & Cons (Why Manual??)

    Is it easier to break drivetrain parts with a manual than an automatic? I'm thinking axles and driveshafts.
  18. Share your favorite business jargon

    Weird Al had a song for this:
  19. desert sand and military green petition

    I really really wish they had a green instead of one of the 3 greys or blues. Are they civil war fans or something?