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  1. Bronco Sasquatch suspension parts (shocks & springs) price quoted at $1300 from dealer parts department

    is it confirmed the control arms and the other suspension components are the same between each trim? tie rods, etc?
  2. Hello from Mishimoto!

    piping. rad, intercooler, intake, etc. make the engine run cooler and reliable. maybe aux fans to hook up to the aux switches? dual battery setups? air compressor for under the hood? stuff to make use of aux switches.
  3. My Car is Dead - Need to Weigh Options for Holdover Vehicle

    do not lock your self into another car unless you are 100% sure you can get out of it quick. can you get the module from a wrecked car? junk yard? it's pretty steep of a price for a module. what else needs to be done? i'd look at being a 1 car household for the time being.
  4. 🥊 Bronco Wildtrak vs. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon head-to-head comparison review by Throttle House

    their video is out, but no off road. they said they were being nice to the dealership but the throttle house guys took the same bronco. weird. maybe they don't care. but in the straight pipes video they have a part that has the clicking of the roof. you can't hear it throughout the video though.
  5. 🥊 Bronco Wildtrak vs. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon head-to-head comparison review by Throttle House

    the straight pipes (another ontario based youtube car review channel) just launched their review. more typical of a car review. it's crazy how a 30min video can still not include all the details of the bronco. feel like there are certain things that have not been mentioned.
  6. Front license plate mount options?

    post pics when you get it installed.
  7. BaseSquatch DELIVERED : 2 Door Base Sasquatch [UPDATE - NOW WITH MORE PICTURES & REVIEW]

    your pics have me considering the base squatch now (but waiting for the manual squatch). regarding tint, do the ceramic. i had it in my m3 years back. i did a fairly light tint and it helped a lot with interior temps.
  8. Got to test drive this 2.3L Bronco yesterday!

    i'm wondering how different on road the suspension feel is between the badlands and the non-badlands or non-squatched versions.
  9. Base Model Bronco Thread

    do you know if the applies to the wildtrak as well?
  10. Want a Bronco NOW? Come to 🇨🇦!

    this is an outer banks in brantford?bradford? only has kph.
  11. Want a Bronco NOW? Come to 🇨🇦!

    Really? i never knew that. also, oak-land ford in oakville (from the pic, it looks like it's at the erin mills ford dealership) has a 4dr badlands, 2dr and 4dr wildtrak. all v6 in "blue"
  12. Who is getting a bone base plane jane Bronco?

    forgot to add, that ~$150 more a month with with the high package. thats with 360 camera, 12" screen, heated seats, and a bunch more like lights, leather wrapped wheel, etc. but then again, it's like $10,000 difference. (canadian)
  13. Who is getting a bone base plane jane Bronco?

    would love to get a base-squatch but want heated seats and tow. so for about $150 more a month, i could get a wildtrak. which is what i'm considering but wanting the manual really bad.
  14. Incredible wear and tear on GY Territory MT tires

    In my old M3, I destroyed a set of PS2’s fairly quickly. Switches to equivalent Potenza’s and got probably 4 track days out of them. They were a higher tread wear and much newer but like you said. If the tire is doing a great job at the limit, then it shouldn’t be an issue.
  15. Don’t Forget Your Bronco Cabin Filter

    damn, super easy. no screws, no awkward position. good job ford.
  16. So, what does your Badlands smell like??

    you know when you are at the mall (not lately at least in ontario because everything is still locked down cause our government is stupid) but you go through the perfume section and get that high, and by the time you are almost out and feel like you are going to pass out from the scents. that...
  17. Advice for would-be Bronco off-roaders

    fantastic post. a very good read. but i'm guessing this is not entirely directed to everyone. more a long the lines of the guys who will have the bronco as their first 4x4 and will be pursuing off roading in an extreme way. imo, (and i could be wrong), the SBD is not a must have unless you...
  18. "In this episode of TFL offroad, i buy a jeep instead of a bronco"

    i enjoy some of their content. but i do find it is very dodge/mopar/jeep favourable. i get they they may like a certain brand more, but when you are considering yourself a journalist, you need to put that favourability aside. that's why i have not subscribed to them. they pushed jeeps as...
  19. Canadian Demo (Mannequin) Bronco Locator Thread

    Oakville dealership said Badlands and WildTrak coming next week. Was supposed to be this week.
  20. No such thing as a dumb question.

    is the only way to get mid pack and manual with the badlands?