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  1. Ultimate Black Diamond Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    Can anyone who has taken delivery comment on the seats? Comfort, feel, and if they get hot compared to leather.
  2. The Jeep owners are mad

    Who’s spending 80 grand on a Big Bend? Has no clue and is just jealous.
  3. Bronco 4-door soft top - noise & rain review (top-up vs top-down)

    Nice. We live in Maryland and in the Summer rain can happen in a similar fashion which is why we want a soft top. We rode in a demo unit with a soft top and it was more quiet -vs- Jeeps I've been in.
  4. Disconcerting video - Broken GOAT mode during off roading?

    Did he say the manual states to "expect some strange behavior during the first 1000 miles" ????
  5. Anyone Order A New Bronco July 2021?

    Welcome to the forum! If it makes you feel any better, I placed an order on the day of reveal last year, then got wet feet and cancelled in December. Fast forward to June 15 2021 (almost a year after my initial reservation) and I made another one. My wife and I finally got to test drive a demo...
  6. My Cyber Orange Black Diamond 6cyl Auto Build Delivered (w/ Intro Video)

    Great video - loving the color combination.
  7. [TFL] Hands-On Review of 2021 Bronco -- Worth The Wait? Bronco Week Ep.1

    Black Diamond looks really nice !
  8. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    Age 51 - 4 door. We have a family of 4 so everyone will fit much easier. Also, I want the longer wheelbase for ride comfort -vs- shorter wheelbase on 2 door.
  9. Ultimate Black Diamond Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    That last Bronco - cactus grey? Or Area 51.
  10. Decisions to Make.... wait or buy alternative?

    For what is' worth, I lost patience back in December and wound up getting a Forester which I figured would serve to fill my needs of occasional beach driving and an almost convertible with the very large moonroof. Long story short, I wish I had waited. The driver's seat became so uncomfortable...
  11. 2022 Bronco Colors Online - no Green (yet)

    Oxford white and peak blue metallic sound good to me....
  12. Official 2021 Bronco INVOICE Price / MSRP Price List [Jan 19]

    What is the base with advanced 4x4? I'd welcome that option, but thought it could only be had with Sasquatch on lower trims.
  13. 15+ Bronco builds from the factory ??♨️

    Nice photos.
  14. When do you want your Bronco? poll

    2022. I’m hoping for more appealing color choices (how about orange, not yellow) and will take whatever improvements they make after first year bugs are worked out.
  15. I'll buy used in 3 years, here is my new ride.

    I’m out too. I can’t justify spending almost $50,000 for the Bronco. I won’t settle for a lower trim without features I want. Why didn’t they make things like automatic 4WD, fog lights, heated seats, blind spot monitoring, etc standard across the board? I’m taking delivery of a new Subaru...
  16. Bronco “Model” Frustrations

    People shouldn’t have to spend that much money to get some of the mentioned features. That’s the problem.
  17. MIC Hardtop vs Modular Painted

    The dual top option which includes the MIC top now states “available late 2021”. Are there others debating just ordering the MIC for now and getting a soft top later from Ford or aftermarket? I’d hate to hold up my order just for that.
  18. Pics of Navy Pier Interior in First Edition Bronco

    Nice - they actually included a "dead pedal" aka footrest. Can anyone explain why newer Jeeps omit these?