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  1. Would you buy an aftermarket hardtop?

    Interested, would crowdfund a small group, not preordering from anyone established that should already have R&D
  2. First 24 hrs in my Badlands Sasquatch 4dr 2.7L Velocity Blue Soft Top (w/ Rear Cargo Enclosure review)

    I'll be getting that cargo enclosure thanks to you. I'm so happy for you right now and this thread has genuinely restored some excitement. My fingers are crossed for 7/29 scheduling for September. My build is almost identical, except Area51 + High Package - Tow
  3. What are you driving until your Bronco arrives?

    2013 VW GTI Wolfsburg that has about 80K miles on it. It has the APR a stage 1 tune and nothing else. Still gets almost 30MPG and I intend to keep it for about 3 months until I confirm that bronco is for me.
  4. Bronco Production Update From MAP - July 19th 🏭

    Right there with you. My badlands still show as an outer banks
  5. Bronco Production Update From MAP - July 19th 🏭

    This level of communication is what we should be hearing from Ford directly, thanks for being so forthcoming.
  6. Scheduling 7/22?

    Hah. Every weekend: hey fam and friends! I should hear something on Thursday! every Monday: I guess it’s next Thursday.
  7. September Bronco Commodity Guide - Here's how to get your Bronco scheduled more quickly!

    I do debate pulling 2.7L and Sasquatch out of my configuration, but I've always gone small engine on every vehicle I've ever owned and I intend to keep this thing. As for Sasquatch, it's very unlikely I need or would use these capabilities down the road even if I do get into off-road fun, but I...
  8. JediMcMuffin

    SoCal Broncos

    @619Bronco51 They moved the cutoff out a week, based on the commodities doc Granger published it looks like very few people elected to change their order. My order is at Gosch in Escondido. They're pretty responsive. I didn't know of Bronco6G initially otherwise I probably would have went to...
  9. JediMcMuffin

    SoCal Broncos

    @Newraptor You don't seem pumped at all :) Keep us posted! What's your build look like?
  10. JediMcMuffin

    SoCal Broncos

    Switched from wildtrak with MIC to badlands with soft top. Hoping for September
  11. I inspected a “BAD ROOF” 2 door

    That's a wonderful quote I'm going to port over into my professional life!
  12. I inspected a “BAD ROOF” 2 door

    Anyone else developing a serious fear of a year 1 vehicle being beyond plagued with design and quality issues?
  13. Video: 4 Door Badlands Manual Review & Crawler Gear Demo 🙃

    This is the best video explaining the trims I've seen yet
  14. Ordered a SYNC 4 12" Screen Protector

    Curious, is this to protect it from... weather? scratches? fingerprints? I've ripped off every screen protector off every device I've owned.
  15. Request: White Modular Photos / Prototypes

    thanks folks! I've got a soft top on the way, and really want a white top. I saw plenty of commentary of folks saying that it doens't compliment A51 that well.
  16. Request: White Modular Photos / Prototypes

    Can folks help me find some photos, shopped or concepts, particularly of an Area51 modular with a white top?
  17. The “I didn’t get today’s email” hugging and crying thread

    Come on week 14!! I woudl be beyond thrilled to be notified my soft top is being made in September
  18. Will Enough Customers Switch to Soft Tops?

    I changed my Badlands yesterday. My plan is to hold out 6 months for at least some news about the modular hard top, and if it's still not progressing I'll order myself a MIC if I'm not loving the soft top.