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  1. I'm seeing a bunch of emails going out today!

    I won't believe it until i get one!!
  2. My First Sacrifice for the Bronco. What's Yours?

    Does a 2012 se manual focus count if i now have to rely on transit?
  3. Received this from The Bronco Team -- Bronco concept art poster and a sticker

    In Canada they send you a package of nothing
  4. 6/30 blend dates

    Every day in purgatory brings me closer to getting a rubicon 4xe. happy 1 month +1 day anniversary!
  5. It was only a matter of time.... wild sighting

    I saw one today on front st in downtown Toronto. My initial reaction was to shout "that lucky bastard" angrily.
  6. 1 Month Anniversary in Production Plans

    Glenmorangie 14 year
  7. 6/30 blend dates

    Dont you dare make me hopeful!!
  8. 6/30 blend dates

    Im still here :S (fellow 6-22)
  9. 1 Month Anniversary in Production Plans

    6-22 also, entered production 6-14 for goodness sake. I'm going to probably refresh my tracker and dealer website about 400 times while trying to get work done and pack for the move end of month. Wait thats what I do every day. Ill also drink alot
  10. Toyota publishes "All you need to know" 4Runner vs Bronco comparison video

    If I wanted a 4runner id buy a station wagon. So freaking ugly...
  11. Bronco Production Update From MAP - July 19th 🏭

    Batching holds done - hopefully that means that they aren't holding any new batches AND the previous batches are no longer being held - released. This gives me hope. It's hard to be patient as I sold my vehicle already (my own fault) but at the same time I feel guilty being frustrated since I...
  12. Bronco Production Update From MAP - July 19th 🏭

    Just give me the Bronco I'll aftermarket the crap out of it anyways
  13. Bronco Production Update From MAP - July 19th 🏭

    Thank you so much for the update. The part that concerns me is the IF I'm lucky to get a hard top when I have no way of changing it now. Built status was June 22nd!
  14. Vic Bailey Ford in Spartanburg SC has 4 door Area 51 display model

    Not bad, it'll arrive just about the same time i get mine via early reservation!!
  15. 2 Door BaseSquatch Delivered. Timeline, Q & A, Notes From First 100 miles

    Congrats you didn't get an end of June shit build
  16. It's here!!! [a part of it]

  17. 6/30 blend dates

    I agree i suppose i would be good with both a Very understandable, in my shoes i was planning on a soft top later on. All the frustration aside I can only imagine the challenges they faced through all the supply chain disruptions and natural disasters the last two years brought. I just called...
  18. 6/30 blend dates

    Reach out to all of the customers in that batch and offer a soft top. I would gladly switch to a soft top if it means my truck gets off that lot.