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  1. Zone Offroad 1" inch front leveling kit installed on 2021 Bronco Outer Banks

    I learned recently that positive offset brings it in and negative offset pushes it out. Factory offset is +55mm. My wheels will be +18mm to counteract the wider tires I will be running. I am going from 32x10.5 (black diamond build) to 35x11.50.
  2. Zone Offroad 1" inch front leveling kit installed on 2021 Bronco Outer Banks

    I think the crash bar is set back in the fender. that leaves plenty of room when the wheel is turned.
  3. Video: closeup looks at some MIC tops today at dealer

    My dealer just told me that these defects fall under "fit and finish". They need to be addressed in the first 6 months (at the most). He thinks Ford will fix the issue with tops that look like this.
  4. Delivered 2.3L Manual Bronco Black Diamond owner's review: the Good and the Bad

    Thanks for the info! How about a couple of good shots of the '69? Looks SWEET!!
  5. 4WP Fender Deletes + 2” Level Kit + 35s on Bronco Black Diamond.

    I did not notice that until you pointed it out. Still looks good.If it had fender delete and the tires were tucked into the fender all the way, that would look really bad. Since the tires stick out, it makes it look acceptable to me. I am going 35s on my BD as soon as I get it. 35x11.50R17 on...
  6. Almost Seduced By The 4-Door Siren's Song -- 4WP Stage 1 Bronco on 2" lift, 35" Mickey Thompson Baja Boss tires & 17" Method wheels

    Let us know how it goes. I just ordered my wheels for my Bronco which is not in production until August. They will be here on Monday. Gonna order the 4wp lift soon too. I am going with 35x11.50s instead of 35x12.50s. I don't want them too fat...
  7. Planning on leaving the MIC top off?

    OMG!!! I almost fell out of my chair on that one!!
  8. Planning on leaving the MIC top off?

    Probably gonna be tough to drive it like this in the "weather emergency" ;) :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: Great plan for you!! Your area of Texas is BEAUTIFUL!!! If I had choose another place to live other than Va, Texas would be the place!
  9. Bronco Production Update From MAP - July 19th 🏭

    Ross, You are great to let people know as much info as you do. Some folks want to complain no matter what. If you have your Bronco, Shut up and enjoy it (not you Ross). Warranties fix issues like the top. Ford is going to eat a lot crow in the coming months until it is resolved. Maybe they...
  10. Is there any difference in the brakes from Base to Wildtrack?

    I get that. KMC wants to measure the Bronco. I am wondering if the discs and rotors re the same on them all. If they are the same, there should not be any problem fitting most 17" wheels because the base comes with 16" wheels. After that, the offset is what will make the biggest difference. If a...
  11. Is there any difference in the brakes from Base to Wildtrack?

    I am getting a BD and I plan to change out the wheels and tires immediately. I have been trying to figure out if the brakes on all of the Broncos have the same measurements. KMC International has not been able to get their hands on a Bronco to measure it so they will not say whether any 17"...

    Friend of mine had a 6/24 or so build date and has not seen it yet. Call Ford and ask them. Dealers are not always forthcoming with the info.
  13. Value?

    I'll raise you, $42,250 PLUS one pineapple pizza. ;)
  14. My Bronco arrived today!

    Looks like you are starting to run a bit of a fever. You might have to call in sick for the next couple of days...
  15. General Grabber A/Tx Tires Review (On Black Diamond Bronco)

    I have Maxxis RZR ATs on my Super Duty. 265/75r16. Effectively the exact same size as the BD tires. I like them alot. They ride nice. I may go to these in a 33 or 35 when it is time to put new ones on or if I save up the money. 60k mile warranty, which is great when the front tires carry that...
  16. Any build emails this week? For Thursday July 8

    nope. Dealer is a friend and client but he did not get a priority because he is VERY small. The #1 guy on his allocation list is a 2dr BL Lux. 2.3 manual. He buys a ton of stuff from this dealer. He would have gotten the priority. I was told that by the dealer.
  17. Any build emails this week? For Thursday July 8

    No one has a zero chance of getting a MY21 if they are not a code 99 and don't have painted hard tops. I was a July 31 reserve and got my VIN in May. I fully expected to be a MY22 but was overjoyed when I got my VIN. I have been pushed back once already and expect to be pushed back again. OK by...
  18. Any build emails this week? For Thursday July 8

    Don't be so sure on the ranger order... A friend works for Pike, a powerline contractor and they ordered 6 rangers and have been put off twice already by Ford. Put off for more than 3 months from original build estimation date.
  19. The Definitive Guide to 2021+ Bronco Ride & Lift Heights with Wheel & Tire Sizes

    Why not "Pepe" or " Little Mule"? From Romancing the Stone. I can't do video work or I would add a clip from the movie. Funny as heck and one badass Bronco!