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  1. The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    Okay, I bit the bullet and switched to Steven's just now. Ford said that it's up to Steven's to collect a new deposit or not since my original $100 from the original dealership will get refunded. How do I go about settling this up? I'd hate to lose my place in line for missing the stupid...
  2. Need advice on switching dealerships

    Reservations have to be converted to orders before that happens though.... Otherwise you will be waiting until 2022 or 2023 for your Bronco. Reservations need to be converted to orders by 1/31/2021. Production is supposed to start 3/22/2020. Deliveries starting in June / July....
  3. The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    Good point. It's just my 2006 Toyota 4Runner needs some maintenance that honestly isn't worth doing at this point because the vehcile is only worth $3,000 to $5,000 at most with the miles I have on it. It runs great but at this point, I don't even want to put new tires or brakes on it. And...
  4. Just Can't Do MIC Top

    I share in your frustration. I wanted the modular hardtop with the slide-out tailgate but I guess they're "late availability" now I have to re-think what I want and if I want to wait. I'm thinking I'll stick with the soft top until I can purchase the modular top. If the slide-out tailgate can...
  5. The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    John, You do not have a reason to believe that allocation will be inversely affected, but, what if it is? Hypothetically, what would happen if you did not get the necessary allocation? Would the 2021 reservation then turn into a 2022 reservation?
  6. LAST CALL: Badlands 33” vs. 35” (Pros & Cons) Worth the upgrade to 35” tires?

    Don't forget about the 4.7 gears in the auto. I believe those come with the Sasquatch package as well if I'm not mistaken. But I would hope that would be less than $800 or whatever. So yea I sort of agree, there has to be more value in the SAS package, otherwise, it just does not really make...
  7. V8 HEMI 392 Jeep Wrangler production model announcement teaser. Will Ford answer with V8 Bronco?

    I've seen ads like that on Facebook too. In particular for the Gladiator. Except Rubicon and Mojave trims of course lol.
  8. 2021 Bronco Parts & Accessories Guide (Including Pricing & Part Numbers)

    Yea I'm curious about that myself too. Also curious to see how bad the front camera obstruction will be on either of them...
  9. Everything Badlands: For Positive and VERY Excited future BL Owners!! Plan & Wait...

    I'm having a hard time deciding between the 2-door and 4-door badlands. The heart wants a 2-door, head says 4-door. Also debating on sasquatch. I'd like to know what the "high clearance suspension" means and is it different than the "Badlands unique suspension"?. If the only difference is that...
  10. My dealer just called to chew me out.

    Man this is awful. So, I'm going to put myself in his shoes. I'm picturing myself as an owner of a small local Ford dealership.... It's my business and obviously my choice to decide to only sell the new Bronco at MSRP. But you can't get mad at the customers for asking me to match prices (or not...
  11. Badlands + Lux & Leather = Power Seats?

    Looking at the details of the mid-package, it does say "front-row heated seats". And obviously if you add high or lux you get everything that the mid package has as well. So, I'm thinking the expensive cost of the leather option does include carpet. Which, I don't want. I'll stick with getting...
  12. The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    So, I contacted my local dealer asking if they would match and they said at this time they won't. However, they also said this. Is there any truth or are they lying to retain my business? "This is a small dealership which doesn't sell a large number of vehicles. Therefore allocation will not...
  13. dpav02

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    @aj_benedetto This does come off as a scared dealer who doesn't want to earn business. Granger and Stephens have both been awesome to work with and wonderful contributors to this forum. Also the higher amount of reservations, the larger allocation you will get. Just because you can't (or don't...
  14. Ford Email Confirms Bronco Build & Price This Friday, October 23, Shows B&P Preview Image

    No offense but no, they're not. They don't care about losing a few sales. They'll make up for it due to the lack of X-plan. They had nerds crunch the numbers and figure it out. They know exactly what they're doing.
  15. Official Update: Bronco Reservation Move Cutoff Date (Jan 31) + 2021MY Allocations Cutoff Date (Sep 18) + 2022 MY Reservation Start Date

    Granger and Stephenson are both offering the Bronco at $1300 under invoice if you qualify for X-plan. Other dealers, will be charging a markup. You switch dealers to save money.
  16. Levine: White top not an option. We are listening (UPDATE)

    I doubt it'll be *a few days* for the B&P. Realistically looking at end of October or early November given the other delays they've had with this Bronco.
  17. Ford email update -- reservations, ordering, mid-October Build & Price

    Mid-October to Ford most likely doesn't mean the 15th. Probably means the 26th, which, I would classify as the end, but hey, that's probably more realistic given everything.
  18. Confirmed: Manual + Sasquatch Bronco, October Build & Price!

    That's great but only like 3 of you will actually buy it. Then Ford will be pissed that they wasted their time listening and redesigning things.
  19. 165k Reservations might be the 2021 cut off and a tall order to fulfill.

    Technically "Spring" in lasts until June 20th. So I except the first few thousand deliveries to happen the week of June 14th unless there are delays.
  20. Buying A New Vehicle - Advice or Insight?

    Yup and, you don't have to get it right away at the dealer. Often you can buy it online, from another dealer, for way cheaper. Pretty sure as long as you keep up with the maintenance schedule in the book and the factory warranty hasn't run out, you can get a factory extended warranty. So it...