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  1. Bye Bye Steelies. Hello RTR Wheels on my 2021 Bronco

    Nothing but amazing.. Enjoy
  2. It’s here! My Oxford White Badlands 4-Door Bronco delivered!

    Congrats nice color, Jeep looking good in this size.
  3. Just Test Drove the Bronco-1st One in the State

    Agree, because this is my color choice
  4. Who else bought F

    In Government
  5. Who else bought F

    Thanks.. Booked mine, Dealer told me between June-July next year !
  6. Who else bought F

    I was saving good amount of my salary since December 2019 my plan was 30-50% down payment. August 2020 transfered all my 9 months savings to the broker bought F at around $7 with monthly F stock purchases until February 2021 This is not advice it's just my story, if the stock reach $28 by next...
  7. Just Test Drove the Bronco-1st One in the State

    Congrats, my question any wind noise on the highway at 60+ MPH
  8. Why buy a Badlands or Wildtrack if the Raptor Warthog is coming out

    Sasquatch is more than enough for any terrain !!
  9. What are you trading in to get your new Bronco?

    Just sold my 1999 two door 5 speed cherokee today !! because i own wrangler and got a reasonable price for the cherokee. But yes cash well stay in saving account for new Bronco !!
  10. Why are you choosing 2 or 4 door Bronco? Which will have better resale value?

    The only one thing keep me thinking about the four door is the the fuel tank size, you don't know how much i really hate to stop to do it, specially when I'm busy on a hurry and it's crowded. The difference is big between them !!
  11. Interesting Thought on Release, B&P, and Launch/Production There is no big competitors now ! Jeep, Land Rover (defender) what else ?
  12. To Sasquatch or not to Sasquatch, lots of Cons!

    From experience 33 is better than 35 in a real sandy locations specially in big hills climbing, for example Raptor can drive faster in flat sand but jeep with smaller tyres and less HP can climb any hill wait a minute the same jeep with bigger tyres can't climb the same hill that we easy climb...
  13. I test drove lifted 2.3 Ranger w/35s and 2.7 F150

    Fast search, found that F150 is lighter than Bronco !! Correct me if I'm wrong
  14. Wildtrak Bronco Thread

    It's say with SQ package includes 35 inch with beadlock etc etc .. So i think 35 M/T well come only if you choose the SQ !! So without SQ package we may not got the 35 inch it may be 285 !! This is a really puzzle Correct it me if I'm wrong ..
  15. Top speed limiter AKA Governor

    Thanks .. Some says that 100 mph is enough, no it's not speed limits in some street in my country is 100 mph so to pass someone in some situation you need to go faster !! Speed limits in the USA is a big No it's from the 70s .. visited many states drove many times nice roads but 50% of drivers...
  16. Bronco ride along event

    Can you please describe the fan sound !!
  17. Bronco questions from Dubai

    Dealer just called : They well bring in both 2.3-2.7 No manual for us Base and big bend 2 door but only 2.3 Outer Bank in 4 doors only 2.7 Badlands in 4doors only 2.7 Wildtrak in 2 doors and 4 doors 2.7 Not me i can wait or order it by myself if i don't build it ..
  18. 2.3 EcoBoost vs 2.7 EcoBoost - Poll

    To be honest there is no big difference in power so any where 2.7 well go 2.3 can follow my only reason if i got the 2.7 is it may stay for a longer life and i think our dealer well not got the 2.3 (just guessing)
  19. Top speed limiter AKA Governor

    Please don't tell me 105 miles !! Any idea, tyre sizes different between trims.
  20. ICYMI: Good look at 2 Door Bronco trunk size / cargo space

    Something like this should solve 90% of the problem. They sell it with a bag also !