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  1. It’s been a year… how long will this go on?

    But some of us called at noon on a Monday for that 8pm reservation, then arrived to the restaurant on time and placed our order, and got told we might not get our food until Wednesday.
  2. Welcome to Coupon Code For Bronco6G Inside.

    Any plans for chromatic or something similar?
  3. Anyone else's dealer just clueless or not helpful?

    I'm going to go with choice D - all of the above.
  4. What is your BL build?

    2D 2.7 auto non-sasquatch high package tow package AMB
  5. Dealer Event in Buffalo - Detail Pics [Badlands Area 51]

    Great pictures. Both of these vehicles had leather interior. I really wanted to check out the MGV (and a 2-door), so I double checked with the presenter.
  6. Road Show Coming To Cleveland

    Should be the same ones from Buffalo a few days ago - cactus grey First Edition and area 51 Badlands, both 4-doors. There were also a couple of Bronco Sports and a Mustang Mach-E, but I don't know if they were part of they traveling show or not.
  7. Dealership appearance schedule and registering - find your local dealer [add your findings to first post!]

    Just got home from the Buffalo appearance. They had two 4D Broncos - an area 51 Badlands with the optional 33" tires and rims, and a cactus grey First Edition. Both had leather interior. There were also two Bronco Sports that nobody was paying much attention to, along with a Mustang Mach-E...
  8. Sasquatch Wheel Trim Tire Ring in Silver vs Black <not available yet!?> VOTE!

    All good. Your buddy sounds like a very wise and intelligent individual.
  9. Sasquatch Wheel Trim Tire Ring in Silver vs Black <not available yet!?> VOTE!

    First post here and the guy creates a poll? What's the world coming to? Hey @tametz, you know you can @ people to get their attention when replying, right?
  10. Looky what I found... 2-Door Broncos in Antimatter Blue, Cactus Gray, Carbonized Gray, Velocity Blue

    Same here. Since you're 1500 miles away from my driveway, I'll allow it.
  11. Dealer has not converted reservation yet

    Same thing here. My sales rep said he would look into it. Haven’t heard back yet
  12. Did KOH change your mind on anything regarding your build? Back & Forth...

    Didn't change my decision, but confirmed it. No need for sasquatch, definitely wan't the high package.
  13. What # out of # are you in your dealer's allocation?

    I'm #28 out of an allocation of 43. Reservation made midday on day 2. Would have been a day one about an hour after the reservation window opened, but it wouldn't take my credit card info. After several repeated efforts over the next half day, I finally realized Ford didn't take Discover...
  14. B6G Poll: can you drive a manual or not?

    I put no. The truth is yes, but poorly
  15. If you wanted to "make" a trim, what would it be? What would it be called?

    Keeping it simple - the Wildlands: basically a Wildtrak, but with the MGV and washout interior from a Badlands. And a cold weather package including heated steering wheel without getting lux.
  16. Known Cargo Dimensions (so far) for 2-Door and 4-Door Broncos

    Works for me. I calculate a diagonal of over 47" in the 2D. I play my driver at 44.5 inches, leaving 3 inches for the bottom of the golf bag plus some space on either end.
  17. Everything Badlands: For Positive and VERY Excited future BL Owners!! Plan & Wait...

    Ordered my Badlands this week. I got the 2D, 2.7, and high package, in AMB. I'll never use anywhere near the capabilities, but the way Ford set up the trim levels, Badlands is the only way to get MGV and high package on the same vehicle. Those were my two must have items. Better to have the...
  18. More Off-Roadeo Locations announced: Moab, Vermont, Nevada (in addition to Austin)

    Alchemist Heady Topper. That's the list. Nothing else needed.
  19. What features are you getting that you DON'T want?

    Almost all of them. I want removable top and doors, advanced 4WD, the 12" screen, and MGV. This locks me into Badlands, even though I'll never test it anywhere remotely near its capability.