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  1. Seattle area ford dealers

    I ordered with autonation Bellevue. Haven’t heard a thing. No build date either. Im probably canceling for a 22 Raptor anyway since I already had to replace the car my bronco was supposed to replace.
  2. Local Dealer Got Their Demo

    Harris Ford in Lynnwood got an A51 wildtrack 4d, soft top, mid today. I saw an employee driving and waved him down. Got a pic in his buddy’s driveway and sat inside. Pretty awesome to finally see a squatch and sit inside!!
  3. Do you guys think future larger engine option might increase tow capacity?

    No. The 2.7 EB in the F150 can tow like 8000 pounds. The bronco is limited by its suspension, height and length.
  4. Local Dealer Claiming Bronco In-Stock!

    Just go on in your area. Several broncos in transit to dealers near me that are listed for sale. VIN's check out and everything. One dealer is listing an FE with a 3k markup, Port Orchard Ford in Washington.
  5. My First Edition Bronco was delivered TODAY!!!!

    Because he's probably a dealer employee who used the dealer's priority order to get his FE ahead of everyone to post videos on his already created YT channel. Kinda shitty but w/e.
  6. 6/25 Email & FAQ: Modular Hardtops Delayed Until 2023MY | Price Protection Extension | Free Hardtop Prep Kit

    Hit. The. Nail. On. The. Head. They are going to mass produce softops for dealer stock and sell them like hotcakes. Then, when everyone who switched their order from SUMMER OF FUCKING 2020 to a soft top tries to buy a hardtop in '23, all of the people who bought dealer stock this year will also...
  7. Is anyone in a worst spot than me?

    I’m same boat. 8:14 time stamp (pst).
  8. đź—“ 2022 Bronco Dates Revealed - Ordering, Scheduling & Production Start Date

    TIL there’s going to be like 12 and a half MY21’s.
  9. Finance vs. Cash?

    I'm not even watching the video, but I'm telling you to finance. An average person with average credit should be able to get a 5 year loan for a good interest rate. The average market return over the last 50 years is like 10%. If you can get 5% interest rate on a vehicle loan, you're better...
  10. Bronco Pickup Hinted by Sighting of Ford Testing a Jeep Gladiator?

    A gladiator is completely hideous…. Until you throw on 37’s….then it’s pretty sexy.
  11. Poop Fire .. dealer called with a 2021 GEN3 Raptor allocation and I am all in

    Do you have a relationship with your dealer to know about this upcoming allocation? You paying over MSRP?
  12. VIN Build week poll - for those with & without

    Wow almost 60% so far without a build date and I am guessing that number will only go up as more people vote.
  13. 5/28 Bronco Production Update E-mail & Dealer Insight FAQ 📬

    I hate you because I almost bought a shelby and I could be in the same position but I couldn't talk the wife into it.
  14. 5/28 Bronco Production Update E-mail & Dealer Insight FAQ 📬

    This email is very frustrating, mostly because I still really, REALLY, want my bronco. I waited for the reveal for months like a lot of you all and made a reservation on the first night. I don’t want to change my order to get my vehicle sooner because I want specifically what I want. The problem...
  15. Yikes, my dealer has two Ranger Tremors in

    I'm shopping them hard, along with F150 Tremor. I can buy a ranger right now... Might cancel my order, idk.
  16. Deep Water Crossings / Fording

    I think even with a snorkel, the max depth should be adhered to. I don't think cold water on a hot turbo would be good for the metal.
  17. Introducing Yellowstone - New Color for 2022 Bronco

    Cyber Orange is a cooler color. That said, will they delete CO for the yellow in 2022?
  18. F150, Ford, Rachael Maddow Dont get mad, give it a watch [Off-Topic / Political posts will be deleted - Administration]

    Not to be a debbie downer, but what do you think batteries are made from? Heavy metals in the earth have a limited quantity as well. So in a couple hundred years, or less, we could still be having a limited resources debate on lithium and other rare earth metals that make batteries. Politicians...
  19. My Bronco Off-Roadeo Texas - Pics & Video

    Did you get to drive?