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  1. 2023 Bronco Pickup Rendering

    Oh ya, I forgot about the Chevy Luv truck. I had regular cab short bed S10's. An '86, '88, and still have my '94 ZR2. I did the sketch this morning based off a sketch of the 4 door Bronco. It's the same premise that the Mopar designers came up with for the J6. Build a versatile small...
  2. 2023 Bronco Pickup Rendering

    If Ford is considering building a Bronco pickup they should consider building it as a regular cab or extended cab reminiscent of the 80's and 90's Ranger. They already have many offerings in a crew cab with tiny bed configuration and perhaps some buyers would value more useable bed space over...
  3. 2023 Bronco Pickup Rendering

    The J6 is nice enough that I think it deserves another picture of it on this Bronco forum.
  4. Bronco pickup? Gladiator shows what will happen...

    Well said. Where I live in Northern Michigan I ride the trails at least a couple of times each week. I have yet to see a Gladiator off-road except at Silver Lake Sand Dunes and on the gravel fire roads in the Upper Peninsula.
  5. 2023 Bronco Pickup Rendering

    Ford still sells the F150 in a regular cab short bed configuration in North America as well or a base price of $28,940. GM still builds a regular cab short bed Silverado in U.S. factories for the South American and overseas markets but not the North American market.
  6. 2023 Bronco Pickup Rendering

    I hear yah. I'm sick of these crew cab with tiny bed pickups. Give me a 2 door regular cab with bench seat and at the least a 6 foot bed that I could put a slide in camper in for fishing trips to the UP.
  7. Anyone make white steel wheels that look like the BD ones?

    Maybe, I'm not sure. The valve stem appears to be just under the elongated hole but have no idea if they are related.
  8. Anyone make white steel wheels that look like the BD ones?

    Why does this wheel have 15 round cut out's and one elongated cut out?
  9. Opening the doors and windows dropping...??

    Never pour hot water on a frozen window, doing so will crack the glass.
  10. Will Jeep switch to IFS in the Wrangler?

    The newly designed real Defender replacement, the Grenadier, basically has the Wranglers axles and suspension design. If you watch their videos on the development of it, many of the early prototypes appear to be Jeep Wrangler platforms. They didn't even bother to hide the JK moab wheels.
  11. Will Jeep switch to IFS in the Wrangler?

    Most of Jeeps models are independent suspension front and rear so I would think that their suspension systems are just as innovative as Fords. The Wranglers are intentionally designed and built with solid axles to serve a specific purpose which has nothing to do with being innovative.
  12. Extended 2d Bronco “LJ”

    I find it interesting that the J6 is still popping up on this forum as well as the Wrangler forums almost two years after it was introduced at EJS.
  13. Extended 2d Bronco “LJ”

    Sweet LJ! Jeep needs to bring back the bright silver color.
  14. 2023 Bronco Pickup Rendering

    Don't confuse the suv market with the pickup truck market as they traditionally serve very different purposes. I have no interest in a Maverick as it would be extremely useless for my needs. My mother had an original Maverick in the early 70's for less than a year which was defective. She...
  15. 2023 Bronco Pickup Rendering

    You should look up CAFE regulations and see how our government colluded with the big three auto makers to build larger vehicles starting around ten to 15 years ago. You will learn much about what happened to the small mid-sized 2 door pickup truck market. It isn't that no one wanted a small 2...
  16. Bronco pickup? Gladiator shows what will happen...

    The TFL video from April 16th, 2019 of the J6 is still getting views, likes, and "just please take my money" comments.
  17. Bronco Pickup Truck Renderings (Single and Crew Cab) - Yay or Nay?

    Yay for the single cab, nay for the crew cab.
  18. 1976 Bronco options with pricing

    Here is the window sticker for my mom's '76 Bronco.
  19. Bronco pickup? Gladiator shows what will happen...

    Awesome Ranger Justin, complete with a useful bed. Don't ever get rid of it. Your modified Ranger doesn't appear much smaller than the new 2020 Ranger. Take a look at the wheelbase and track width of your Ranger in stock form without the offset rims and wider tires compared to the new Ranger...
  20. Thinking About Ordering a 2 Door? - Watch this video!

    I was going to mention the same thing. I grew up riding in the back of early broncos and us kids could flip the front passenger seat with ease to get in or out. The driver's side door was not ment for rear seat access on the early broncos.