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  1. Granger Ford - Passing of Albert Schmitz

    My condolences to you, the Granger team, and Albert's family. I had the pleasure of chatting with him and he was a total class act. May he rest in peace.
  2. Auto start stop eliminator

    I will likely also want to disable this. Never had it in a car but it sounds annoying. That said, i imagine it exists to improve fuel economy at idle. How much might disabling it affect mpg for city driving?
  3. Is it boujie that I don’t want the dealership to wash my FE when it comes in?

    Yes, if that word is in vocabulary, then you are whatever you think it means. Enjoy the new Bronco!
  4. 2021 Bronco Reviews Embargo Has Lifted! [Compilation Thread] 🚨's b/c you're not using the CRV launch control
  5. Black Diamond 4-Door Bronco Delivered! Surprise from the Wild and Wonderful State! Buying experience and owner first impressions.

    @BdubBronco great write up and congrats! Any impressions on the marine vinyl in the summer heat? Miami guy here leaning toward cloth to avoid being a sasquatch with swamp ass.
  6. Actual Price Paid after Taking Delivery of your 2021 Bronco

    Dudes that didn't negotiate before ordering:
  7. First Edition With BLACK ONYX interior Delivered today!!

    "but can i just get neutral black interior?" "Sure, your first edition has the option of..." "But there are no more first editions available." "Tacky orange accents it is!"
  8. MT with Mid package.

    Yup, this has been the case for a while. Badlands is the only trim they're allowing to have manual and any package mid or higher on. Why? To upsell you into a higher trim, of course! I suspect it's also to lower the take rate for manuals. I think they want to make it low so they can axe it in a...
  9. [TFL] I Explore The New 2022 Ford Bronco's Best, Weirdest, & Worst Features | Bronco Week Ep.3

    Music is generally mastered for stereo (right and left) only, not surround sound. If there's an inherent imbalance between the front and rear because of speaker size and position, fade might mitigate it somewhat. To me, it sounds like you'll need an aftermarket solution to have halfway decent...
  10. 📸: 2 Door Rapid Red First Edition+MIC+Upgraded BO Bar

    "The first shall be last" Bronciticus 2:7 Amen
  11. 📸: 2 Door Rapid Red First Edition+MIC+Upgraded BO Bar

    So are all the folks lucky enough with the timing and means to get a FE really getting gloss black painted mirrors and a MIC top? pretty unbelievable if they can't even crank out enough painted tops for just the FE.
  12. 4WP Bronco Upfits Packages & Parts

    Sounds like if you pass on the squatch and get one of these kits you'll still need to swap out the front axle. Tough to beat the value of the squatch.
  13. trade in values exploding

    Yup. I have an '18 Civic Si coupe with about 16k miles and a lease expiring in July. Buyout is 15k. Carvana is offering 23k right now. I was considering buying and holding it until my '22 Bronco is ready, but with the way the market is, I'm strongly considering taking the 23k and doing a lease...
  14. Slammed Bronco

  15. Measured: 2021 Bronco Manual Transmission Shifter Throw Length

    I drive an '18 Civic Si right now. Honda, if nothing else, is known for good shifters with a nice feel and short throw. I had a chance to sit in a 7mt BB at an event a few weeks ago. You won't be disappointed with the shifter. To each their own, but I'd be really surprised if a short shifter is...