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  1. Anyone use Fordpass Rewards for buying Bronco accessories?

    Am I incorrect....we don't get the bilk of the reward points until we take delivery of our Bronco ???
  2. Part Number for Winch Mounting Plate?

    My guess and rumor has it that it is a Ford match up with their Warn Winch (ordered together). I am guessing that they will not sell that Ford Bronco winch mount as a separate least not in these first few years of production.
  3. Aviation Photo and BS thread

    What we MUST HAVE here is an air photo or drone video of the MAP Facility and the full parking lots of Broncos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Admin please delete, will post full review at 100 miles

    I would check to make sure they are NOT putting miles on it or using it to show other interested buyers. It's's not theirs to use until you take it home.
  5. Anyone with MIC check into wrapping top yet?

    Agreed....better safe than something to give them an excuse to void warranty work on it. I am waiting for a build date too. Hopefully these MIC issues are resolved very soon. Enjoy the beast when you get it!!!
  6. Anyone with MIC check into wrapping top yet?

    It will be interesting to see what a technician says whether it can be wrapped. Since it is not a smooth surface, it may not be possible. ??? Suggestion to all; I would not wrap these, paint them, use treatments on them until there is some resolution over the MIC top. Yours may develop an...
  7. Poster and Sticker….

    Agreed. While I appreciate the poster and sticker.....this really does not help with the unknowns of waiting, lack of ANY idea of a build date and so on. Very frustrating that I will never do again.
  8. Dealership Bronco showed up/rear gate hinge

    Great photos and thanks for posting them. If you are speaking of the non-clear coated spacer behind that hinge....look under the hood and the door hinges...they are the same way. My F150 and most of the vehicles I have owned from all mfg. you will see this.
  9. Waiting on my Bronco I see the vin on auto trader

    THIS....and first do it by you have it in writing!!!!
  10. 16-Aug-21 Build Date Gone.

    Anyone remember....didn't FORD announce "full ramp" building to begin on August 2nd? What's with build dates of 8/16 > 8-19 with nothing in early August? At this rate full ramp up....there will not be a lot of 2021's built.
  11. Received this from The Bronco Team -- Bronco concept art poster and a sticker

    I got mine 2 days ago. I believe all reservation holders or those on order are getting them. While does not make up for all the bad that is going on. Fix the MIC!!!
  12. [Updated 7/20] Early Delivered Bronco MIC Top Developing Honeycomb / Snakeskin Pattern

    Agreed. If they choose to send us tops that are not near perfect....what one would expect from a new expensive vehicle....this is totally unacceptable!!! If this delays our Broncos much longer....I suspect many will drop their orders, wait another year or two and/or go to some other brand of...
  13. [Updated 7/20] Early Delivered Bronco MIC Top Developing Honeycomb / Snakeskin Pattern

    625 comments, 42 pages, 118,602 views....I HOPE FORD IS WATCHING!!! No more tops like this should be leaving the end of the line. As the rest of the vehicle, it should be damn near next to perfect. No scratches, no dings, no delamination, no inner core showing through.....good fitment, with...
  14. [Updated 7/20] Early Delivered Bronco MIC Top Developing Honeycomb / Snakeskin Pattern

    Very sorry for you. This is terrible and not acceptable! Where was quality control at the end of the line at the factory. It should never have been shipped to the customer.
  15. Consider the MIC Hardtop DISPOSABLE - Ford Keep Shipping Broncos

    I totally agree. Also...some say aftermarket will have something better. Maybe....but why should WE have to pay for that???! The MIC has been produced in great shape....they just need to make sure that every MIC leaving the factory is in great shape. Not one should be sent out with...
  16. Ford has new painted MOD top supplier for Bronco after Webasto loses contract

    A lot of logic in what you have said. Webasto is a German Company. The Germans have a lot of pride in what they produce and are dedicated hard workers. Who knows what has happened here....maybe some day we will find out. I just pray my MIC has no issues. I am a perfectionist when it comes...
  17. The Jeep owners are mad

    I don't know why we all just can't get along. We are in a 4X4 Community. All rides have their pluses and minus'....we can enjoy them all. There are great Broncos, Hummers, Jeeps and Rovers. The problem with JERKS like this.....they will potentially vandalize your Bronco. I would park where...
  18. Request to Ford: offer 2 door soft top

    NOPE...............NOT interested in a soft top. Too many of us live in parts of the Country where a 24/7 soft top just is not practical. FORD needs to resolve the MIC issue and fast. I suggest they also give an extended replacement/warranty for 10 years on all 2021 and 2022 MICs...for the...
  19. Bronco Production Update From MAP - July 19th 🏭

    Add: Do we have any assurance that IF we get a bad top....that FORD will replace it free of charge under warranty? I would also state that the warranty on the top should be extended to 10 years or for the life time of ownership for the original owner for all 2021 and 2022 models. This would...