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  1. Ford Bronco rep further confirms bull bar / brush guard will be redesigned for production

    A dizzying amount of options actually. There was never any reason to buy the stock bull bar anyway.
  2. I need my Bronco.

    But most of all you need more cowbell.
  3. OFFICIALLY UNDERWAY: Phase 1 Mass Production of the 2021 Bronco! [Updated With Units Produced Daily]

    Our IUOE contract has Good Friday as a holiday. Everything is negotiable.
  4. Why all the secrecy BN and OBL and Ford???

    I had a run in on FB with David Liebmann, Operations Lead at BN. The weasel denied that BN nor JD has ever been paid by Ford for anything.
  5. Video: 2022 Bronco Warthog followed on streets... it's wiiiiide

    Raptors aren't even allowed at one of my favorite ORV parks, they have a width limit of 80". And yes it's enforced, the entrance has posts set at 80". If you can't get past you can't play.
  6. Video: 2022 Bronco Warthog followed on streets... it's wiiiiide

    Thanks for posting. Honestly do not like this look at all. Way too wide.
  7. NOTICE TO ALL RE: Bronco Nation Content [See Update]

    Honestly I think we've seen enough by now to make informed decisions. Let them be petty.
  8. PSA: what you say to your dealer (and bitch about) matters ALOT

    I will definitely be letting my dealer know how ecstatic I am to be getting a 4 cylinder that will blow the doors of any previous Bronco while getting great mileage and being easy to work on.
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  10. I'm out.

    I mean, they both are, but at least one isn't a GM.
  11. Prophecy

    Did anyone truly believe they were going to give free upgrades? This should have been expected by everyone.
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  13. Official Ford Press Release on Bronco Delays and more Layoffs

    I'm 34 and in my 7th year at my current job and no intentions of going anywhere for a while. I've moved up the ladder high enough in that time to make good money and benefits, have some clout, and be safe from layoffs. If it weren't for this stability, which I agree is becoming uncommon, I...
  14. Official Ford Press Release on Bronco Delays and more Layoffs

    This just sucks. It's officially time to chill out and devote energy elsewhere for a while. My Bronco will arrive on their schedule so no sense fretting over anything now.
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  16. Now a viable alternative to Bronco with all the options you want

    Offroad mileage/range can easily be half or less than on pavement. 10-15 miles of silence. Well, engine silence. Still get to hear the suspension creak I guess.
  17. "Crash Bars"???

    Hey is that Millwood as in the Argonne area?
  18. "Crash Bars"???

    I'm probably in the minority but I'm actually excited to see how well it works with the 7MT (in theory it should be much smoother than an auto) and see what kind of mpg difference I get with it on/off. I'm not a huge fan of the idea of ABS on a sportsbike, but after getting a Harley I think it...
  19. "Crash Bars"???

    This is not known to us plebs, but based on other Fords I'd say chances are high it will be there. This is also not known for sure. Bronco is based on the next Ranger, which may or may not share suspension with the current Ranger. There's a good reason for no caps, you don't want to trap moisture.