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  1. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    Just seen this on FB. 40's baby
  2. Am I overthinking upgrading to 35" tires on Badlands?

    4.46 with 35's is fine. Gone are the days of 3 and 4 speed transmissions where axle ratios mattered more 10 speed autos have changed the game.
  3. Is it really the trans ford is protecting?

    M190 front axles and aluminum front diff I would bet. Factory Engine/Trans calibration has to be safe for those parts.
  4. Clutch issue in new Bronco Badlands (Updated)

    Ooof sounds bad. Hopefully it's just something that wasn't assembled correctly.
  5. Wallpaper for 2DR guys. Car and Driver

    No landing video, but here's a gif of the stills
  6. Drag Race by TFL: Bronco First Edition 2.7L vs. Jeep Wrangler 4XE vs. Toyota FJ

    I'm 100% sure the factory calibration limits torque to limit wear on the transmission and related drivetrain parts. Not apple to apples, but the 10 speed in the Super Duty's can be tuned to unlock 200+ (yes 200) additional ft-lbs of torque just by raising torque limiters. In factory trim, the...
  7. Drag Race by TFL: Bronco First Edition 2.7L vs. Jeep Wrangler 4XE vs. Toyota FJ

    Elevation or not 10.2 is pretty damn bad. The F-150 they tested with the 2.7 hit 60 in 6.99 seconds and that was an older model that still had the 6R80 My Duramax ZR2 will hit 60 is just over 9 seconds. It has 180hp....
  8. No Bronco Scheduling Week of 7/26

    I love how Ford provides zero communication to it's reservation holders who have been waiting OVER A YEAR about the delays in scheduling. Unacceptable.
  9. JBL Sound Bar accessory review / impressions?

    Here's a short clip. Hard to tell sound quality through a video I know, but it's better than nothing or until you can here one yourself. Not sure how long it will last on Youtube before it gets copyright struck.
  10. Hacks for sleeping overnight in a 2021 Bronco 4-Door - bug net and cargo platform DIY

    I just want to echo this statement. both issues can be fixed be software updates that can be delivered OTA after they are investigated by Ford. Ford needs to know about these things though!
  11. JBL Sound Bar accessory review / impressions?

    Just got back from the dealer. It's pretty loud. This was on volume 20. I haven't heard a stock system so I can't compare though sadly. Can't say its worth ~$800, but it was pretty loud. The factory speakers up front start distorting before it does so you'll have to play with the fade and...
  12. 🏁 Acceleration Track Test : Bronco 2.7L and 2.3L versus Jeep Wrangler 3.6L [Car and Driver]

    Ah, the conveniences of testing a vehicle you don't own. I want to see this on video :ROFLMAO:
  13. JBL Sound Bar accessory review / impressions?

    I'm going to test drive my local dealers demo today (hopefully). They installed the sound bar yesterday. I hope it sounds good!
  14. Got it today! 2-Door Lightning Blue FE - Las Vegas

    Me, looking at that first pic under the lights
  15. Gear indicator on dash?

    The person I quoted was talking about an F-150...
  16. Gear indicator on dash?

    All you have to do is hit the "+" on the shifter and it shows it all the time
  17. Bronco 2.3L versus Wrangler 3.6L then faces up against a Ram

    Not surprised. Bronco is heavy and was on 87 octane. It's also possible that OBX has the base 3.73's. That doesn't help. Also I don't wanna see anyone talk about break-in because that's not a thing. Edit: too late