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  1. 12" display screen went black. Had to disconnect battery to reset

    Hah! Ya got me! Guess I should have said first year of a new gen? Lol
  2. 12" display screen went black. Had to disconnect battery to reset

    I ran into ground/neutral issues in a fist year body style Chevrolet. There were multiple ground wires from different harnesses that were fastened improperly bc of insulation being improperly placed. It caused some serious issues, if I had my blinker on, the ac blasting and hit the breaks while...
  3. Bayou Bronco Club

    Do y'all not think they had called the customer and asked if they could show his vehicle? If not, that sucks.
  4. Bronco Insurance Costs

    Man, I'm from Louisiana and NO one here (that I have heard of) has gotten anything below 130 a month for full coverage. Some of y'all are getting under 300 for a 6 month term?! That's amazing. Lol
  5. Bayou Bronco Club

    I like it! Maybe take the Y out of bayou and put the fleur de Lis in as the y? Just an idea. Would make it a little less tall and more appropriate for a rear window lower left or right sticker. Like just the letters for a sticker.
  6. Tired of Waiting

    Depending on when they release it and what the interior looks like, I might bail on bronco for the 2022 tundra. I'm a late August reservation. At this rate I probably won't get a bronco until 2122.
  7. Audio Sound comparison between lux / B&O and standard audio?

    This is really what I was looking for to be honest! Subwoofers are an easy add. Theres enough room for a single shallow mount 10 under the rear seat if they don't end up making options for the current spot with the B&O in the aftermarket. I was mostly hoping I wouldn't need to go amd buy better...
  8. Audio Sound comparison between lux / B&O and standard audio?

    Also, in my experience with audio. Engineered audio, placement, speaking width selection per location, range capabilities, frequency tuning and all that jazz are hard to beat even compared to adding a sound bar like that. Engineered car audio always sounds better than even some fairly priced...
  9. MPG of 2.7L Bronco Wildtrak Sasquatch - watch the fuel economy changes during driving

    Spoke to one of the drivers of a non sas badlands. He did an fuel economy test on his drive to Louisiana from Tennessee. He said going 65-70mph the whole trip he averaged 22 mpg. Thats a 2.7L. The posted overall average on the vehicle when it was sitting was around 16. Gotta keep in mind though...
  10. Audio Sound comparison between lux / B&O and standard audio?

    I recently went to one of the showings near me. They had 2 badlands with lux and the B&O sound system. They let us turn them on and listen to how they sound. They sound fantastic! I was curious if anyone has listened to music being played from a non lux build? Or even compared the two?
  11. Revisiting the "High Level Instrument Panel" Mystery [Update: There Is No Such Thing]

    Ford is intentionally leaving things out to be able to make improvements on their perfect product! The perfect sales strategy! Leave out small things and change them the next year so people that bought the year before have to go buy again! Lol completely joking. Piss poor planing I'm sure.
  12. Revisiting the "High Level Instrument Panel" Mystery [Update: There Is No Such Thing]

    I got to page 2 of the thread before noticing the MGV confusion with BL bugged me enough to need to comment. Appologies if it's a repeat. The video from ages ago about the materials, they stated that badlands has MGV rollovers on the doors and MGV on the center console. Not sure how that...
  13. 285/75/17 inch tires with 2.7 engine- 4.46 or 4.7 gears?

    I'm going 4.7 on my badlands. I really wanted the optional wheels at first bc im going carb gray in color. But I also might go with 37's so the 4.7 is best as 4x4 parts (I think) stated that their bronco build was a sasquatch and all they did to fit 37's was 3 inch extended coil overs and upper...
  14. Bayou Bronco Club

    I'm curious if their an open event and scheduling isn't necessary? I'm going to make it a point to drive by the location the day of and see if they just canceled or not. Kind of b.s. if you ask me.
  15. More 2021 Bronco Accessories Revealed

    Just looked up the f150 raptor specs. This mod if it follows the same gains. Would put the 2.7L tuned bronco 95 horses and 40 lb/ft torque behind the f150 raptor. Not too bad I suppose!
  16. More 2021 Bronco Accessories Revealed

    A little more than I was hoping but probably the only way to get a tune that's covered by the manufacturer? What do most shops charge for an after market tune?
  17. More 2021 Bronco Accessories Revealed

    What's the price on the one for the ranger?
  18. Bayou Bronco Club

    Yeah I noticed that as well! Can't find it by googling either. I guess ford just said screw the louisiana folks. Lol
  19. Bayou Bronco Club

    So I looked at all the surrounding areas and time slots past the ones in louisiana, it appears as though louisiana is the only state where they aren't allowing slot scheduling.
  20. Bayou Bronco Club

    @Jackattack a little intoxicated! My bad. What I meant to ask was, where did we find this info from? Bc obviously there are slots yet! Haha