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  1. No Bronco Scheduling Week of 7/26

    Probably looks even better to investors if they have all those orders pending AND a bunch of dealer stock about to churn out.
  2. Bronco Production Update From MAP - July 19th 🏭

    Any hope at all for a 2DR soft top? At this point I'd make the switch if available even if MICs were not a constraint.
  3. Conventional Wisdom — Bronco Engines Are Detuned for Break-in — True or False?

    All of these descriptions about Broncos being slugs off the line remind me exactly how my mustang (man v8 not ecoboost) felt before I tuned it. I think Ford just down tunes vehicles to hit eco goals across the board. Easy fix though
  4. 300 Mile MPG Report [Wildtrak 2.7L, 4-Door]

    WT is SAS by default, so the official EPA # is 17mpg, he's beating that. @DETT How are the speakers / adaptive cruise on the Lux?
  5. 4% Under Invoice at Chapman Ford of Horsham Starting 03/20/21

    I was the one that ate the $3300 in MD tax on the 4xE. Justified it by reasoning that Tom's discount basically covers what I'd be paying in tax for the Bronco. That and I charge it up at work for free, should save me at least 1000 on gas compared to the mustang I had before. The real kicker...
  6. Video: 4 Door Badlands Manual Review & Crawler Gear Demo 🙃

    Damn that white looks good on a 4DR. Keeping my 2DR CO for sure, but in another life I could see me in that.
  7. Front license plate mount options?

    +1 for the shackle mount, that's my plan too.
  8. Will Enough Customers Switch to Soft Tops?

    I'd happily compromise on the top, but not on the 2DR
  9. Bronco "Paper Launch" makes media headlines

    As far as *newer vehicle delivery, I got my 4xE 3 weeks after ordering it for that example. That said, the only real thing new on it is the battery. I think Webasto has a lot more to blame than Ford at this point. Ford definitely compounded the issue though with the introduction of allocations...
  10. Dealers already Selling Broncos ?

    17,000 dealer stock to be produced in August (base 2.3 soft&mic top) according to dealers here.
  11. Transfer B4 3/19 = 3% under invoice @ Chapman Ford of Horsham

    Interesting that mic top will be mixed in... sounds like mic is less of a hangup than chips in that case now. Maybe that's the silver lining?
  12. Transfer B4 3/19 = 3% under invoice @ Chapman Ford of Horsham

    17,000 MY21 dealer stock?!? Is that an April fools joke or an extra zero?
  13. [Update: Only 1 Hour of Production Lost] MAP Flood Yesterday Suspended Bronco Production

    MAP flood? All good, long as it doesn't affect Webasto that just means dealers get less my21 stock at this point :ROFLMAO:
  14. Bronco Insurance Costs

    USAA has been great for my mustangs over the last ~15 years. My 4xE though, its like they are spitroasting me at 3x the cost. I'm definitely not staying with them when the Bronco comes.
  15. Why Would Anyone Pay A “Non-Refundable” Deposit ???

    I wish I had to put a NRD down and everyone else did too. Why? That will become apparent when 90% of us are still waiting on delivery in 2022 and dealer stock is sitting on the lots with a $10-20k markup.
  16. Would any of you buy a hybrid Bronco?

    Wow this thread is raised from the dead! I went from a v8 stang to a Jeep 4xE. Not paying for gas going to work>back is nice. The 375/475? HP/torque just isnt really there though. There's a good 1-2 second delay every time I hit the pedal to pass someone. At first I was thinking maybe this is...
  17. Maisto Diecast 1/18 Scale Bronco Models - Sam's Club

    Awesome, thanks for letting me know they are out! No Sams membership here, but just found a new box on Ebay for $35 and ebay had a $10off coupon if you order in the app