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  1. What’s your dealbreaker for new Ford Bronco?

    It's definitely possible. And it's possible that I might not ever buy another new Ford. They probably won't miss me. Yeah I realize they probably aren't going to offer it with a V8. Most people on the forum want a new 4x4 enough that they don't care about the powertrain (or they just don't...
  2. What’s your dealbreaker for new Ford Bronco?

    No V8 - I probably won't buy one. Maybe if they have a strong NA V6 that sounds decent I might consider it, but I've only heard one or two V6s that I thought sounded decent. I may end up buying a Bronco in 5+ years even if the powertrain is crappy, but if they have a V8 I might consider buying...
  3. Minneapolis Auto Show

    I always just used my Mustangs to get through the snow. No problem. There used to be an occasional pucker factor on icy days when I was driving 80s Mustangs, but no serious issues. And modern Mustangs are super easy to drive in the snow. 4wd can be fun for ripping around in the snow...
  4. Minneapolis Auto Show

    Here I thought I was in flyover COUNTRY, not the BIG CITY. ;) People here think they need 4wd to get through snow. I think a lot of Broncos will sell in this area. Too bad Ford couldn't at least do some kind of teaser. By next year it will be old news (I hope).
  5. Minneapolis Auto Show

    That's what I thought too. People would be posting like crazy about it. Right?
  6. Minneapolis Auto Show

    The Auto Show is going on right now in Minneapolis. The wife only wants to go if the Bronco is there. I looked on the Auto Show website and don't see anything specific about the Bronco. My best guess is the Bronco isn't here. Stinks if Ford is going to release info this month but they can't...
  7. Which features of the Bronco is most important to you?

    I chose styling as number 1, because if it's ugly I'm sure that I won't buy one. The only reasons I read this forum are due to the styling of the early Broncos and that I like Fords in general. I want a V8, but it's possible I might buy one even if there's no V8 - less likely, but still...
  8. Possible peak of Bronco

    That peek might pique my interest - or possibly it has peaked.
  9. Ford Mach E prototype spotted for the first time

    I have to admit that the Mustang Mach E makes me want to go out and buy a Camaro.
  10. Ford Mach E prototype spotted for the first time

    Never is a long time. If people with strong personal ethics ever decide that "global warming" or whatever they are calling it now is a real thing, those people will be buying cars.
  11. Ford Mach E prototype spotted for the first time

    Someone said NOBODY is buying passenger cars when nearly 50% of vehicles sold last year were passenger cars. So that's what I'm debating. I realize that passenger cars aren't the biggest money makers for some car manufacturers, but a lot of them are sold. None. I bought the 2018 Ford and...
  12. Jeep and Chevrolet's Reaction to New Ford Bronco

    Hummer would be a good platform to come back with and compete in this market. There are definitely people out there wishing for a new Hummer.
  13. Ford Mach E prototype spotted for the first time

    I'm a nobody who bought two passenger cars this year. What you really should have said is almost nobody is buying electrics. I don't want to take the time to look up the numbers, but I bet passenger car sales this year dwarf electrics.
  14. Bronco R Race Prototype Revealed for Baja 1000!

    I hope you are right. I think that grill design with the single bar across the front would look good with the C shaped head lights.
  15. I feel like this is a lot of us right now

    Oh yeah there are things I dislike about the GT350 and the Z06. But (once I fixed it) I really loved the GT350 on track days. To the point that I did an track rental of a Ferrari F430 and a Porsche GT3 and my reaction was "meh". No I'm with you on the hate and name calling.
  16. I feel like this is a lot of us right now

    I think when a car costs more than $40k many of us have to REALLY like it before we will buy. I'm no Jay Leno to buy one of everything - I'm not even well to do enough to have three new cars. So I have to pick and choose what I buy. I'm only going to spend big money on a new vehicle if it's...
  17. I feel like this is a lot of us right now

    Nothing personal, but you don't know what you're talking about. There was a huge improvement in track performance with the IRS Mustang. Like Jake already said, the 2015 GT with more weight and less power is faster around a road course than the 2012/13 Boss 302.
  18. Bronco R Race Prototype Revealed for Baja 1000!

    Featureless and bland? Are you joking? The thing has crazy huge wheel flares on it, the raised style lines in the front quarters are probably three times the size of those on the original Bronco, giant bulge in the hood.... What do you want? A clown car? Edit: based on what the Ford guy...
  19. I feel like this is a lot of us right now

    I did watch a little in "car" video of the Bronco R (or whatever they are calling it) on YouTube. Yep that little engine makes terrible noises. It probably will turn off enthusiasts like me who enjoy a good V8 noise.
  20. With some design elements now known... Are you buying the Bronco?

    I'm still on the fence. If the styling is like the racer I love that. If it doesn't come with a V8, I'm not too interested. If it's over $50k, I'll probably never own one or would only buy after it's beat down and worn out. But I don't have my mind made up and probably won't until they are...