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  1. Is the 2.3 going to be the reliable offroad engine vs the 2.7?

    2.7l is the Baja engine used by Ford. Pretty sure it's reliable. Every model of every manufacture has one off issues.
  2. Front and rear bumper vertical alignment

    Jump it on some whoops and see if that fixes it. Just don't wax it 🤣
  3. Front and rear bumper vertical alignment

    Is the back off the same side as the front. I notice in the picture, the bottom of the bumper appears to be straight with bottom of picture. The blinker on the headlights appears to be slightly off from the top of the picture. It just might be a body issue.
  4. Texas Dealer Demo's for Test Drives (Mannequin's)

    Saw AutoNation Ford in Frisco/Plano on 121 has a 4 door Cyber Orange BL manual.
  5. Am I overthinking upgrading to 35" tires on Badlands?

    Thanks for those pointing out the BL wheels are narrower. Think I would want the wider tires.
  6. Am I overthinking upgrading to 35" tires on Badlands?

    So there's a lot of pics and discussions around getting BL and just slapping 35's on. Even on the most recent TFL video thread there's talk of just putting 35's on vs Sasq for the travel. Is the rear gear ratio with the BL fine with 35's? Do you really not need the 4.7 from the Sasq?
  7. TFL: 2021 Bronco vs Wrangler vs Defender - Off-Road Trail Comparison Video

    Sounds like they wouldn't need to worry about clearance...they could just crush the rocks with their weight. 🤣 Just kidding.
  8. TFL: 2021 Bronco vs Wrangler vs Defender - Off-Road Trail Comparison Video

    I can't find it but it was mentioned in a Ford quote prior to Job 1. They specified this was based on a 20% ramp. Edit: here it is.
  9. TFL: 2021 Bronco vs Wrangler vs Defender - Off-Road Trail Comparison Video

    Had a guy tell me he was getting 1700 miles per tank of gas in his 4xe...🙄🤣
  10. Warn Elite Bumper w/ Grille Guard Tube Announced for 2021 Bronco

    You and I always think of intercooler first. I just don't think there's going to be a solution unless intercooler can be moved further up into the grill...might as well make it bigger while you're at it.
  11. Drag Race by TFL: Bronco First Edition 2.7L vs. Jeep Wrangler 4XE vs. Toyota FJ

    Andre mentioned dirt and the end of the video, got me to thinking...Why don't they find a dirt track with some rocks and whoops and race them? Test them doing what they will used for.
  12. Here starts the dealer games

    None so far, although she has removed the post from FB. Maybe there's some resolution and part of the agreement was to remove the post.
  13. No Bronco Scheduling Week of 7/26

    Broncos popping up at dealerships with no owner attached are employee orders that they placed as priority when given the opportunity.
  14. 4WP Fitted Big Bend

    Guess that confirms the 3rd brake light is not adjustable based on the rear picture.
  15. Perimeter Alarm

  16. Perimeter Alarm

    I'm afraid it may just be an alarm at access points vs perimeter outside the body of the vehicle.
  17. Perimeter Alarm

    It's standard across all trims.
  18. Perimeter Alarm

    There's a thread on this before orders were being delivered and I tried to revive it, but it keeps getting lost in the shuffle. For those that have taken delivery, how is the perimeter alarm? Is it as the name suggests? If so, is it armed just by locking the doors?
  19. Same same but different… Rivian R1S

    I did come across this... although the Bronco still has a better look.
  20. Broncos not shipping, Rock Rail shortage?

    Have they run out of Bronco Bolts yet?